Applies to:Dream Maker
Status: Open

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This would affect both Dream Seeker and Dream Maker.

All I want for Christmas is a DM equivalent to the Game Maker image_speed property. In the case of DM, it would be great if it affected both the instance and all overlays and underlays associated with it. Basically it is just a float that is used as a multiplier to the base animation speed defined for the sprite - 0.5 for half speed, 2 for double speed, so on.

This would be extremely useful for a few reasons. In a current project I'm part of, we have lots of varying player move speeds and quite a complicated set of animations due to clothing, bodyparts, etc. which make it infeasible to simply have a set of animations in the RSC configured to play at various speeds. This is on top of the difficulties presented when you have six different animated trouser icons for each individual trouser item and suddenly need to change the colour of the belt buckle for them all. We could potentially produce all the required animations on the fly using icon procs, but this adds quite a bit of overhead and complexity in the form of caching and tracking all the new animations, switching between them, etc.