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Simply put, don't want to be rounded to the nearest dollar, I want to be able to donate a specific amount of money.

That is all.
Agreed. I have a shiny nickel and 3 pennies I'd like to contribute and it won't let me.
There's a reason amounts are rounded, there are fees involved in payment processing and non-rounded amounts would dramatically complicate those and potentially result in 0 amounts being 'successfully' donated.
I have sent specific amounts(not here) using Paypal many times. Why is this an issue here when the actual service does it just fine?
Card processing has more fees than just sending money between accounts. They have to make something on the process.

When you send those specific amounts, depending on the type of account you're sending them to will end up with less than you actually sent (unless you opt to pay the fees on your end). Certain account types on Paypal are free to send between them though, but that's not always the case, especially for businesses.
Nadrew your argument only applies to setting a minimum, not to forbidding decimal amounts on amounts that are above the minimum

Setting a minimum but allowing people to specify a decimal on numbers above that minimum wouldn't have any adverse effects and would allow people to make meme donation amounts.

One should never pass on an opportunity to make money off of memes.
I definitely agree with you there, but I guess rounding it up to the nearest whole was just the solution they went with at the time. I doubt Lummox wants to dig into that mess to make the change.
memEconomy or bust
For my vision to support BYOND and the development of Dream Maker in the future, I request that the minimum rounded donation is set to $1 and anything above that not be a rounded number. By my analysis, I want the capability to donate at least $1.79.

I don't need to support BYOND, but I am basing my business plan with the idea of it. And this very capability might inspire others to do the same.
One look at a twitch stream will reveal the power of frequent $4.20 donations.