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loading Vengful World 2.0.dme
Vengful World world: expected end of statement
Vengful World 2.0.dmb - 1 error, 0 warnings (1/21/18 2:00 pm)

Name= Vengeful World
This code is not fixing and I do not understand what is wrong with the name I do not want to have to change it I even tried "" around the name. What am I doing wrong? The tutorial just told me to put in a name no one else has this problem.
Nothing else is incorrect what is this?
Best response
It does need the Quotation marks around it like you tried, but name also needs to be lower case. It also needs to be within world indentation, like where view, fps and icon_size are at the start of a project.

(tab)name = "Vengeful World"

The (tab) in the example just above needs to be a literal tab key press instead, but I don't know how to do it on the forum post.
Gigarax is correct. Also, you can show code on the forums by using the dm tags, like they were html:
<dm> code here </dm>

name = "Vengeful World"

If you're learning how to program, then I strongly recommend reading the DM Guide. Also, I wrote an article called Where do I put my code to help with situations like yours. You might find that helpful, too.