Event Jan 22 2018, 10:00 pm
to Jan 23 2018, 9:59 pm
In celebration of my apartment's flooding finally ending, I'd like to announce an exciting event that could be a great opportunity for anyone that happens upon the post.

Anyone that replies to this post within the website date of 01/23/2018 (today) will receive an extended BYOND membership (probably just 3 months) from myself. Additionally, I will match any donation made to BYOND today.

Membership extensions are limited 1 per user, please don't multi-key to make me broke.

Edit: I will not be matching my own donations. Thanks for forcing my hand @kaio
Konlet wrote:
In celebration of my apartment's flooding finally ending, [...]

What caused the flood?
In response to Lige
When I moved in they didn't replace some damaged piping, and the disposal also had like some glass stuck in it from the previous tenants. Randomly the sink just flooded the place overnight and now it's in the recovery process.
In response to Konlet
Oh wow, are you entitled to reimbursement? Speaking of water damage, the maintenance workers where I live messed up the pipes in the apartment above me which caused some water damage to my apartment.

Edit: Thanks for the membership, by the way.
In response to Lige
I had to throw out some nice furniture and they are talking about charging me since I didn't call the emergency number that they didn't give me. But I still have my computers and all the important stuff, mostly. I'm sure when it's straightened out they'll reimburse me and if not I have insane renter's insurance so maybe that'll cover any charges they try to throw at me.
Extend someone else's membership in my name, I already have 4 years. :p
In response to Unwanted4Murder
Unwanted4Murder wrote:
Extend someone else's membership in my name, I already have 4 years. :p

if anyone says this without specifying a key i'm just gonna direct donate $10 for your reply
I'm also >4 years left on mine so i'm good, but you're awesome for doing this! Now make sure your house is flood proof in the future! (:
i had a flood in my house this past summer it took almost two weeks to get my kitchen living room bathroom and bedroom cleaned and fixed
Could use the file sharing that actually works with BYOND, I guess.
Grats on the flooding going away. Very generous of you to do the giveaway. Best of luck.
Hope everything turns out better in the future for you.
No need to extend mine either, feel free to send coin to BYOND though.
Ahoy! Thanks for the generousity. Here's hoping the rest of your stay goes more smoothly :)
I still have over 2 years on me; pass BYOND the buck.
I have 90 days. I could use an extension. Thank you! =D
In response to Kaiochao
Kaiochao wrote:

idk how to gift you a membership when you have lifetime so I'm just gonna donate $50 for that
Just matched the following donations:

MagicMountain: $39
Kumorii: $5
Mr. Oso: $24
PandaCG: $10
Screws41: $17
Pette: $24
Ultrasonic Aeron: $24

Thanks so much to all of you for donating, keep it up as there's several more hours for the event :D
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