Harry Potter: The Wizard's Chronicles (Original Source Code)

by Ragnarok HGM
The original source code for TWC (Updated 2018).
In 2005 I created Harry Potter: The Wizard's Chronicles. The game became extremely popular and still to this day has an extremely dedicated fan base.

In 2008, I closed the official server and released my original source code to the public for someone else to pick up and breathe new life into.

That code has since evolved significantly and is now available for the public to access. I am posting it here because people still ask me for it. This is the 2018 updated version with significant improvements contributed by Murrawhip.


RagnarokHGM, Creator/Developer
Murrawhip, Developer
Anderwolfe, Developer
Rotem, Developer
Did you like... forget to actually upload it? There's no download button. lol
Oh sweet bro cool stuff, I have the cowed source if anyone wants it, used to have dead and walking but I think I lost it
I highly recommend just linking to the official git repository: https://github.com/DuncanFairley/TWC
loading TWC.dme
Code\Cronicles.dm:33:error: unable to open <deadron\basecamp>.

TWC.dmb - 1 error, 0 warnings (5/2/18 11:02 pm)

how do i fix this ?