RP Infinite

by Konlet
Create the unreal and live in another world.
So... My partner, and I have a server up, and we're just curious as to how we get the word out with the recent update. Just don't want our server to die. ^^;;
I don't see the server up. It would probably help if you posted a link to your server or its code in the post unless you're keeping it private. I'll join if able. It'll probably help others as well.
I'm not sure if the devs would want us to do that though.
Ahh. I see. I just noticed the whole private server notice, I assume the two names listed are people who are troublesome. Alright. My mistake.
Host files are being sent out on a case by case basis. Crox22 has offered to host servers on the hub if you want to start a server send him a PM.