Digital Reality

by Lockem Shoto
You know there's a lot of things in your life that remain a mystery, but are there secrets within a digital world? [Under Construction]
This is a game that I am currently working on that involves the reality of a computerized world. This world is a globe full of people like you and I, only what they believe is much different than what we do. The way they think, the way they work, and the other things they do are all completely different compared to what we do in our daily lives.

The People

What would they do?
They are what make up the computerized world. We take these people for granted. We play on our computers, use the internet over and over again, speak using multiple programs such as Windows Live Messenger, yet we forget the consequences. People in the system, no matter what we do, will always be affected by the viruses we take in, the sprite icons we think can not find its associated program, and the programs we decide to install.

This is their world.