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I'll start this off by saying I'm not a code/hardware wizard, I do not now the extent of difficulty on how to do this, I'm just requesting a reconsideration for something that may prove to be useful.


That out of the way, we've had some form of network and map sending threading capability, it barely worked if it didn't crash very soon as it was.. Which was really unfortunate, as I believe it was a fairly good step forward into getting a bunch more performance out of this rusty engine.

I do not know why the last attempt failed, how hard it was and all that jazz, I do know we have a whole bunch of quite experienced coders around here of which some are probably advanced enough to understand threading to a good degree. And I am sure they would be willing to help in trying to make this work, unless you could look yourself.

Either way thanks for reading, I hope it can be considered in some way or form.
Multithreading is explicitly denied in
While denied, Lummox does say " of version 507 the threading experiment has been disabled. It may be revisited in the future." Wouldn't count on it or anything though.
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Zuhayr wrote:
Multithreading is explicitly denied in

Don't forget the post was last edited in 2015. And multi threading has despite that entry still been attempted. Although not as great as we hoped it would be.