Plunder Gnome

by IainPeregrine
Plunder Gnome
Rugby with Radishes. Tackle gnome, steal their produce, run it home before they tackle you. Good times.
Ahoy Folks! I just released a new game: Plunder Gnome. It's like Rugby with Radishes, where you have to defend your goal because anyone can steal away goals you've made and try to run them back to the other side. Tackle people, steal their stuff, run to your goal, good times.

I made the original Plunder Gnome 12 years ago, back before BYOND had support for pixel movement, smooth controls, variable tile sizes, or even custom skins. The new Plunder Gnome is a complete rewrite and takes advantage of all these features - while adding new features of my own, such as AI and the ability to have 4 teams play at once. It's easy to learn to play, and easy to get addicted to. I could sit here and explain how to play, or you could just go give it a try. It'll seriously take you less time to play a round against the AI than to read me explaining it.

I'm also trying something new with this release. Instead of offering perks to subscribers, I'll be setting stretch goals for when we get enough subscriptions: the more subscribers, the more features. This'll make sure that I put my time into games that people like and players get a better return for their money. Plus, I always get a lot of motivation to work on a game when I see people contributing.

The current stretch goals are:
$25: Map Selection (Including more Maps)
$60: Music & Sound (+Map Selection)

So give it a try and let me know what you think!
fuck yeah

(also i dont know about anyone else but I can't seem to subscribe?)
I think there is a bug in your game or in BYOND:
No no, that's completely intended behavior. Yup. No problems here.


I probably shouldn't have released the game compiled with the BYOND beta. What BYOND verion are you using? Also, hi Airjoe :D

Edit: Oh, web client. I see.

Edit2: Looks like I won't be able to compile PG in the current stable because it relies on some Beta features. Not sure how this effects the web client. I haven't been able to test the web client because it always hangs at "Loading Resources 35.6 KB of 41.2 KB)" every time every game.
Iain, you need to setup a PayPal account in your subscription settings.
Has it really been 12 years? :/

I always loved PG. Thanks for remaking this, I'm going to have to play it.
I was running the game using DreamDaemon Beta (Version 512.1407) on Linux and playing through the webclient. I hear you on the webclient - I have a lot of trouble with it also.

Are you planning to add this to the rotation in your casual game get togethers? I may have to boot up my Windows VM and get in on that.