The School District

by Travylleb
The School District
Enroll yourself in the center of conflict and chaos between two prep boarding high schools and a historic rivalry that binds them.
Hello Students,

It's about that time I finally push myself out of procrastinating of an update post, I've got a lot to show but first we've got something serious to discuss.

2 years ago, in the genesis of TSD when TSD was just an idea I've written on a document without a name, I had ideas specifically, events. Events such as; 'Capture the Trophy', 'school wars', 'NDC Boxing League' and believe or not, the one I was looking forward to the most 'School Shooter Survival'.

Some will look at it as repulsive and inappropriate to continue to have an on-going development with such an event, Others will think it doesn't matter with such a small platform or tell me to don't submit to PC and all things that are 'right'.

Though I share my sympathy for the horrific tragedy, It will not alter any plans for the project.

New Drake City - Map Environment is completed

The City design is completed! after many redos and trials, I've found a whole new level of respect for map designers, Worked my butt off especially this month, it took me a long while but I've completed the map.

Though I am working very actively on the project, I am not active on BYOND site as much, more on the discord than anything, I much rather live communication than thread scrolling and 'paging'. I think it would be more convenient to update and communicate there. Even if I'm out I have my phone with me and I'm always checking. Likely future private testing will likely be announced on discord.
The game is a satire, a fantasy based on prep schools of rich kids, make the game more dark with polemic things, is a waay to go and will have a audience for sure...
If people play GTA and Bully until today, a game like this will have people playing and waiting for it.

Keep the humor dark, keep the atmosphere like a 2000 school movie, nasty, violent and with a sense of humor who make people almost fell bad for laughing playing it xD

Do what you wanna do xD
Looks great buddy. Keep doing your thing. I'll be there to test it out, for sure.