Zenith's Call

by Zete
Zenith's Call
A fantastical online tactical-MORPG. Join now, play for free!

Hey guys, as part of some of the revamping we're doing, along with the storyline of the game, we've decided to change our name. We'll no longer utilize the name "Z-Tactics" which was an abstract title and now seemed more of a placeholder than anything else, and after fleshing out a bit of the story along with Crazah, we've decided to go with Zenith's Call, which has actual meaning with the plot.

We're working on the game now, more than ever, and hopefully we'll be able to finally release a testable Alpha in the coming months (maybe sooner if everything goes well!), we won't settle for anything less than our very best, and the game will reflect that in it's story, gameplay, content & more.

- Zete

Thought you guys were translating this to a different engine?
In response to PrinceCuck
PrinceCuck wrote:
Thought you guys were translating this to a different engine?

We are, and we aren't. We'll surely have an Alpha test on byond though, just to check some basic stuff and have you guys have a taste first so we can get some feedback on the game before making big moves.
Olá! Me chamo Cosme Nicolas Avalos Oliveira;
Sou feliz em ter conhecido a Engine BYOND e me fiz em felicidade a lhe pedir que pudesse conversar comigo sobre qual o meio que utilizou pra propor esse panorama de jogo. Sinto por nao ter a lingua popular o que encaresse talvez a nossa amizade.