Duel Monsters Cybernet

by DevDuelist
It's time to link into the Cybernet!
Hey everyone, wanted to do an update in regards to Duel Worlds as some things have changed with the last post i made.

After all last weekend and even this week, i actually worked on seeing if the old source could be fixed and to my suprise it was with realitive ease as the issues were mainly with the databasing system and dueling systems so I have decided to stick with the original source instead of creating a new one.

However, I will still be taking a long time to work on it. There are bits in the code I am not happy with and could do with a massive overhaul and in addition I want to add the new things i have been planning since I started working on the game again. I may though be putting up test versions in the mean time for pure testing only. This will be the next 6 months of my time hoping nothing gets in the way.

During those 6 months as well, i will be looking for some assistance (paid) in overhauling the games looks. Currently I am looking for a pixel artist to do characters and a potential custom character system but may later be looking for ones that do overworld assets like buildings and architecture.

Be on the lookout this weekend for another post which is going to detail changes and new infomation in regards to the game which will also include a name change to the game.