Duel Monsters Cybernet

by DevDuelist
It's time to link into the Cybernet!
Hey everyone, this will be the official page which will detail the new features, fixes, changes and important information in regard to this game’s development over the next 6 to 12 months or when the game is released to the public for its official start. Some changes may surprise you, you might see coming or even unexpected at all! So, let’s get into it, this may be a long post so get ready to read quite a bit.

When the game goes live, there will be 2 servers. The initial one which will be considered the Main Normal World and the Custom World. The Main World will essentially have everything except Players will not be allowed to create custom cards. The other server will essentially have everything unbanned and allow the use of custom cards. Of course, both servers will be updated at the same time so any new cards added to the main server will be of course added to the custom server and vice versa (minus custom cards).
As for own servers that you guys want to run for your own minor communities and roleplay, they will be available as soon as the files are ready for hosting and in addition will allow for customization as well for roleplaying purposes. These server will NOT be connected to the hub for scores and will solely be purposed for that server only. Of course, there will be some big downloads that you will have to do. There is also a chance that these servers will NOT be updated to have the latest cards in them so there will need to be a system to be in place for this to keep updated but we will see what will happen!

Character Customization
I want to introduce a good level of customization for this game. I am currently trying to find an artist to do this as of right now and I think I found a couple. I like the idea of having your avatar being customizable within the game but this couldn’t be possibly done with the budget I had at the time (being a University Student as all) but now that has changed and I can burn some money into making icons for this game. So instead of having a preselection of all the characters in the show, I want to have a customizable overworld sprites, this will take long to be fully completed even after the game’s release. I am trying not to have any of the characters from the show in the game available for use for the users but more for special events and or items that will become available later in the game.
I guess this will encourage more originality when it comes to roleplaying but also have something similar to the LINK VRAINS environment where players log in with customized avatars. This will need some further clarification so there will be more to come on this very soon as soon as the system is planned out.

Anime and Manga Cards
I will be keeping Anime and Manga cards available in this game starting with the basic YGOPro database. I will be adding on top of this as time goes on but we may see what happens. In saying this, I will not be keeping the anime/manga versions of cards because it was causing too much clutter and caused massive confusion in the game. These anime cards will also be included in the DMC Forbidden and Limited List (which we will talk about in a bit) if they are way to overpowered for the meta.

DMC Forbidden and Limited List
It would be best if we stuck with the OCG list + more if need be including anime cards. This is because most of the new releases in the game will be OCG based. As for the custom server, that will have a unlimited ban list with any needed Forbidden and Limited cards that are overpowered decided by the community that need to be made.

Custom Cards
There will be a dedicated server to this. The system has also changed as well. Instead of uploading a whole card image, will now only be required to import the card art which when you finish with editing your card, the card art will now be added on top of a card base. On the custom server, there will be no Forbidden and Limited List since the custom cards will essentially be running this server. Those will be the only cards getting Limited by the Admins.

Card Boarders
I essentially wanted to be different and just use a custom made boarder online but it turned out that would have never worked… But currently I am sticking with the TCG/OCG format of cards but I do have the ability to change this into the anime style instead if people wish for that to be a thing later down the track? The only benefits of that is the images are much more clearer and much bigger in the images. I can see a lot of benefits but I do know that there is a likeness to the original art boarder so I wanted to tell you about this first. I may end up switching anyway as I do like the dub boarder or I might even go for a custom boarder… We’ll see what happens.

Graphic Overhaul
Graphically, the game needs it. I’ve had animations since Duel Monsters Dimensions and its time I update them to be more crisp and elegant than the original. I have some ideas on what I want to do but it will include a full retexture of game’s looks. 

Some other things that will need to be done but do not have an explanation the size of a paragraph:
  • Deck Editor rework, make it available for different resolutions
  • Interface Rework
  • Add a Card Viewer to the Deck Editor
  • Help Guide
  • Card Field Rework
  • Duel System Simplification
  • Duel Text Appearing on the interface and Duel Chat.
  • Less Crowded interface.
  • Easier Watch
  • Sharing System
  • Resource Clearing
  • Medals
  • HUB Scores
  • New Card Viewer Layout
  • New Profile Window
  • New Battle Music
  • Advanced Options
  • Sample Hand from the Deck Editor

This post will be updated when I need to add on something important unless its something huge, then I will probably make a post about it.