by UnknownHobbit
This is a roleplaying game inspired by Generations.
When Genesis? In all seriousness. When? Been about two years.
PM me if you're still alive Liens

In all seriousness I put a lot of icon work into helping out with this game. I'd like to see it active one day.
I hope the game goes up soon, too.
I think we're probably going to be playing it b4 the year ends. But it really depends on how much time Hobbit has to work on it each day while dealing with real life stuff.
If I wasn't a broke, NEET loser I'd gladly provide for Hobbit just so he'd work on it full time because god damn I fucking love DBG.
yes put the game up
Patience friends
Yo Salas hit me on discord and send me an active invite bruh Yeho#0406
Id love to see this game release some day.
In response to SithAdept
What are you talking about?
Almost time. Finally going to happen.
In response to Spirit Punch
Spirit Punch wrote:
Almost time. Finally going to happen.

Define almost :> ?
In response to Darho213
Who are you people!!!
In response to Altro13
The better question is, who are you?
In response to Darho213
Of course I am the legend! The Legendary Saiyan Punching bag!
Dismal aurora
A real, strong genesis runs
in spite of the game

Game is kill?
Where game
pls give
Genesis c:
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