by UnknownHobbit
This is a roleplaying game inspired by Generations.
Any idea when its coming back up?
I really hope this game drops before the Nuclear War happens.
Day 778 without Genesis:
I actually have a girlfriend now, but I still think about Genesis when we make love.
I also think about Genesis when I make love to Avus' girlfriend
u dont have a girlfriend stop capping
Day 501 of waiting on genesis, I began training in real life to gain stats for when I mate. Hopefully my next generation has decent mods, perhaps it will force wall some saiyan newbs. I still lay awake at night thinking about how it felt to play generations and genesis and why my life feels incomplete without them, even looking at my wife brings me disgust as she does not compare to the sweet sensual ERP of a twink pretending to be a female cat girl from space. Life may not be worth living soon if we don't hear from genesis soon.
what is the discord link
We got GTA 6 before Genesis
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