Duel Monsters Cybernet

by DevDuelist
It's time to link into the Cybernet!
Changes between the Games.
Deck Editor
  • Anime Versions of already existing cards have now been removed.
  • The Large icons in the deck editor have been removed in favor of the grid system. This holds more cards and data unlike the last game which had 20 a page.
  • You can now import/export your trunk so the decks you use on one server can be played on another if the card ordering system is the same. If a card in a deck doesn't import, it might be because the ids of cards do not match on another server.
  • All cards are now under 1 format and 1 ban list. Other Banlists will be avaliable in Custom Dueling.
  • You can now toggle: Show Anime Cards, Show Custom Cards and Search Effect text in the Deck Editor's Menu.
  • Tabs for Favorites and Custom Cards which appear along side the search tab.

Card Editor
  • Custom Cards now only require a Card Image and not the whole card frame. This will be limiting on size however and file type.
  • You can only use the Type Line Constructor to make types now. This is to avoid confusing rule sets.
  • Formats Removed.

  • Duel Interface has been updated to include access to all areas except the main field.
  • Ritual Summoning now is automated.

Other Changes
  • The Rank "Card Editor" has been removed from the Game.
  • Swapped the side of the information panel to the right side. This will be toggable in the future
  • Game now has a Royal Blue Theme.
  • Added Internal Avatars and Sleeves. Own Custom Avatars and Sleeves can be uploaded with the more stars you collect.
  • Options Restyled. New Custom Mode which has access to customizing your character. Here is an example: Click Here
  • Profile Window is now more simplistic and backgrounds exist for the top players, experienced players, adminstration and staff and special events.