So I was looking for a pixel artist to make a sword icon for my base, I received a message one day from someone named, "Feyr" We came to a price and I sent the first half of the payment on February 4th, 2018 as you can see in this picture:

A couple minutes had past and he already had a draft of the icon going:

and then a few days later is when the problems started to occur, I hadn't heard anything from him in 2 days so I sent a message to just check up on his progress and he tells me he'll send the icon later on that night that it's almost finished:

then six days pass and he says he will try to get it done that Monday, then 7 days pass and no word from him yet again. The following day he finally sends me a message saying he's having some money problems at home cause he dosen't have any internet:

then 11 days pass and no word, the following day he messages me saying he's sorry and he's still internetless at home and I understand sometimes people go through struggles so I said that's okay and hope to have something when you're able.

the story goes on and on, he keeps saying he can't send the icon. At this point I'm getting rather upset because he could've simply put it on a flashdrive and went to a local library or something at this point and sent it over. But today on April 10th, 2017 I finally received the icon: At this point I'm relieved and say my thanks, I then begin to look over the icon and boy does it not end here. Just about all the attack animations for the sword were flipped/turned instead of actually fully animated. Here's some of the states.

East state for one of the attacks:

South state for one of the attacks:

He didn't even do one of the attack states either, long story short don't hire BYOND pixel artists fellas.
Damn, you're extremely patient. I don't think I would have been that understanding over one weapon, nor would I have paid as much either. You can, and should have, went to just about any other site to look for an artist. I've found some artists offsite who have quoted me roughly $100 or less for a decent size list of assets. Size and frames definitely had a large impact on the prices I was quoted / paid in the past, but I'm sure you could have received quality work for less pay had you went through someone from a more popular site, with a larger portfolio at their disposal.

For what it's worth, I think the only person I ever hired from BYOND was Ter13. He worked relatively fast and was quite affordable. I don't know if he takes on jobs anymore, though.
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Agreed. I will from now on seek artists from other sites, and I was trying to be understanding of his situation so I gave him time which proved to be a mistake on my end.
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Lige wrote:
For what it's worth, I think the only person I ever hired from BYOND was Ter13. He worked relatively fast and was quite affordable. I don't know if he takes on jobs anymore, though.

I too frequently bite off more than I can chew, or get caught up on something being perfect and run into problems that make the job no longer worthwhile.

It's most of the reason I don't take on jobs anymore.

I can sympathize with both parties in the above thread.
This is why I stopped doing ground-up whole projects for people, if something comes up that makes it so I can't finish or have to delay things I feel like a total dick making excuses (even if they're not unfounded excuses).

I find maintenance work on existing projects or small modular projects are a lot more likely to get good results from me. The first because if I do have to stop working there's still something there for them to use, and the second because I usually finish those projects before something can come up to derail things.