Hello World

What is BYONDBoost?
BYONDBoost is a Framework of libraries that I've been working on throughout my time in BYOND. They were constructed in a way to aid in building a BYOND Program. A setup that I always use with my framework can be found here.

Why start with my setup and not from another source code?
Well, it all depends on what you truly want. My setup isn't the best case for everything, but it was made to be a much more organized starting point and an encapsulated environment. As oppose to starting from a source code you purchase from somebody that wasn't built with any of that in mind. If you truly feel that this setup is not for you, by all means use another that is more convenient.

What will the Tutorial Series include?
Examples of how I use my own framework in the form of BYOND posts, Youtube videos, and source code.

Will this Tutorial Series teach me how to code in Dream Maker?
Yeah, this series is not here for that. Your experience with Dream Maker is something that you will have to build with time. There are already acceptable guides provided in the Developer's Page. Reading books/watching videos on properly maintained programming languages like C++, Java, and C# will help give a practical understanding of programming. Joining the Unofficial Discord ran by BYOND's own Kaiochao here. And having the ambition (Not just the optimism) to want to. In conclusion, I am not going to be a DM Tutor in this series, I am not that well knowledgeable on what BYOND does in the background behind its code either. Many people in the BYOND Discord are and will be happy to assist. This tutorial is simply to understand how to use my setup to your own advantage.

How frequent will postings be?
It will be during times where I feel I have enough free time to do so. Once a month will be what I am aiming for.

How can I help keep the interest alive?
Downloading/Fanning BYONDBoost and its setup. Subscribing to my Youtube channel here. And spreading the word in a professional manner. You can send me PMs via BYOND pager/Discord (DeviantCoder#5287), comments via Youtube Videos, and replies to posting, about stuff you don't like, enjoy, and any improvements you want to see from this.

What is the point of all of this?
Well, a main issue with the developer side of BYOND is that most people want to create projects, but do not know where to really start nor want to start off with a blank environment neither. So these people would usually try to get a source code of some project that is somewhat related to their idea, but was never built in a way for someone else to simply edit. So their foundation starts off poorly where simple modifications can easily break everything. I honestly want this to be the beginning of fixing that developer problem with BYOND by just not telling people don't start off with poorly made source codes, but instead providing source codes that are somewhat okay to start with. This will eliminate leaving developers with the only efficient option will be starting with nothing, where it can be extremely difficult in certain situations. Hopefully other people will follow this trend.