/*6*/fps = 25 // 25 frames per second
/*7*/ icon_size = 32 // 32x32 icon size by default
/*8*/ view = 6 // show up to 6 tiles outward from center (13x13 view)
/*13*/ icon = 'sign.dmi'
/*22*/input("What would you like to become?, Emerald or Orb?")
/*23*/if input == "Emerald"
/*24*/ mob
/*25*/ icon = 'Emerald.dmi'
/*26*/if input == "Orb"
/*27*/ mob
/*28*/ icon = 'Orb.dmi
/*29*/ else
/*30*/ Login()
/*32*/ say(msg as text) //what the usr says is passed into "msg" as text
/*33*/ world << "[usr]: [msg]" //the world sees chatroom-like output
/*35*/step_size = 8
/*38*/ icon = 'Space.dmi'
/*40*/ icon = 'Planks.dmi'

So what I'm trying to do is have the player when he logs in choose either "Emerald" or "Orb" (for which I made icons for) and after he/she chooses, the map initializes and the game starts. Problem is, I'm getting errors saying I have no conditions, and the else statement also has no conditions, but I thought I said to redo the Login statement if the player does not type in Emerald or Orb. I'm sure there are many glaring problems with my code, but if possible please describe it in layman terms, the most I've done with C programming was make a text-adventure game :P


- Jojo

don't mind the multiple comments I made, I just needed to do that since I get lost on what line a compiling error is. If you need the project files for some odd reason, ill link them, just reply.
I don't have much time to look over the code, but you can press ctrl+l to make line numbers visible.

Double-clicking an error will also take you to the line, if it's a compile-time error.
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Oh, I didn't know that, thanks!