Universe 21

by S10Games
Universe 21
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Universe 21 Background Story

Writers: Higoten, Zas.

The First Age(The Creation of the Universe)

- In the Beginning, A existed among the Dark Plane.
Displeased with the emptiness of the void, A Threw a powerful punch, fracturing the Dark Plane with great force.
- A force so great that it would come to be known as The Big Bang, the Beginning of the Universe.
- As the barrage of energy radiated outwards, the universe began to grow rapidly, and trace amounts of energy, from A's destroyed finger, were left behind in its wake.
- Over time, the remnants collided to form planets, and planets collided to form Galaxies. A watched what had happened, and began to collect what little energy remained of his finger, casting the energy among the galaxies and their planets.
- Life began to grow throughout the universe, evolving into plants and creatures, each bound to the confines of their planet.

The Second Age(Civilizations)

- Life began to take off throughout the planets, growing, changing, and evolving in the land, water, and air.
- Adapting to an ever-changing environment would drive the rise and fall of dominating species, from fish to large reptiles.
- As time progressed, the ability to create and use tools would give rise to sentient species, beings who could understand and alter their environment, as opposed to simply living with what could be found.
- As races discovered more tools and mastered new skills, the demand for specialization became more evident, leading to the formation of small groups, each consisting of members with individual skills that would allow the group to survive and grow.
- These groups began as tribes, moving with the herds and seasons.
- Improvements in crop cultivation would allow the tribes to settle and form villages, attracting individuals with similar beliefs and ideas.
- Villages grew larger and more powerful, and conflicts between villages would lead to skirmishes over resources and ideals.
- Villages would grow into cities, and nations would be formed by like-minded cities, sprawling across vast amounts of land and access to resources. However, as the populations continued to expand, so grew the need for better resource management and alliances between the many nations.
-Through the advancement of technology, the races of the universe would find themselves no longer limited to just the confines of their own planets, but able to take to Outer Space, to continue the search for life and resources.

The Third Age(Space Travel and Organizations)

- As races began to leave their home worlds in search of other life and resources, they began to realize that their species were not just the only race species in the universe, but that no race had achieved advancement that was significantly different from one other.
- Many of these races were also obtaining the ability to travel through space.
- And just as like minded nations formed alliances, the most powerful alliances in the universe banded together to create multi-species Organizations.
- As time progressed, these Organizations would fall and rise, rage war and obtain peace, and the most powerful would overtake the and control the lessors.
- In the search for resources and new worlds, three resource rich and life-sustaining planets formed within the same sector system would be discovered, Meanus, Braamia, and Voslyria.
- The organizations took to these planets, staking out claims to land and building outposts.
- The populations became divided among the planets, with the lowest species living on Meanus, the most exclusive taking to Voslyria, and the ramaining races traveling to Braamia.

The Fourth Age(Powerful Beings)

Year 560
-With Power in the universe isolated among the remaining Organizations, balance in the universe is nearing an upset, and life throughout the universe faces becoming overtaken by the organizations, Are you the one to rise up, and assist and grow the Organizations, or will you stand alone, facing the Powers who be in the Universe.
- No matter the choice, you'll certainly face untold dangerous and marvelous adventures, and change the path of the Universe forever.
The Player arrives on Meanus
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