Soul Society

by Tantric1
Soul Society
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Big announcement regarding Soul Society:

We've rolled back to our December source. This means a few things.

- Ichigo and Byakuya are now useable and not bugged to shit.

- Rebirth Orb no longer exists to cause problems and bugs.

- Many other balancing changes the community disagreed with have been REVERSED, mainly the ones done by Nero.

- Two new staff have been added to the team: Shigure and Monica. Both are long time, knowledgeable folks that will be great staff members.

- Other minor changes that you may or may not notice.

This was a necessary step in the health of Soul Society. The previous source we were using was broken in a few different ways and caused a lot of problems for players. It is good and will allow us to progress with less issues. It's possible that the login bug will rear its nasty head again, but if it does, we'll squash it out as needed.

Since the game has wiped again, rates will be set to 3x for an entire week to make up for it. The level cap is unlimited still, so have at it.