Bleach: Hollow Flash

by DragonWingRayne
Bleach: Hollow Flash
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Applies to:In-Game
Status: Resolved

This issue has been resolved.
What i am requesting is for Time Tells No Lies to have a sort of limit to how long they can have each Barrier or Dial up, say 1000 seconds, thats approx 17 minutes, if a fight drags on for 17 minutes its kinda going nowhere, reason im requesting this is because more often than not we have users of Time Tells No Lies putting the default Barrier up for upwards of 100000000 seconds, and then relogging in order to make the particle tiles invisible, ive tested this and evidently even if relogging, the Barrier still keeps the Time it was put up for and disappears once that runs out, making having a limit a very needed thing OR, secret option B, just make it so relogging removes all TTNL turf it has added
DragonWingRayne resolved issue