Soul Society

by Tantric1
Soul Society
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Soul Society Updates - 4/28/2018

- Guide updated to include additional ways to get cert 2.

- Momo's passive removed from technique guide.

- Momo's shikai class is now Ability.

- Rukia's shiaki class is now Ability.

- Ikkaku's shikai class is now speed (defense)

- CTF rewards increased

- Sado, Inoue, Quincy, and Yoruichi challenge rewards increased.

- Players can now team up to 1000 levels apart instead of 500.

- Jiroubou shikai and bankai mastery is now easier.

- Yamamoto shikai and bankai mastery is now easier.

- Kira shikai and bankai mastery is now easier.

- Buffed stark cero damage.

- Sado momentum requirement dropped to 50%.

- Weaponist momentum requirement dropped to 50%.

- Soul Society portal should now work no matter if you have a hell butterfly in your inventory or not.

- Reboot and repopulate verbs given to GMs.

- Arena message adjusted both for starting a match and ending one.

- Team XP boosted again.

- Log training is now clearer regarding using a hit macro.

- El Directo damage increased.

- Lanza's drain for Ulquiorra increased.

- Guild Raids / Defends XP rewards reduced by 50%.

- Szayelporro Granz has been disabled due to bugs.

- Renji shikai and bankai mastery made easier.

- Kouten Zanshun mastery made easier for Inoue.