Pokemon Shadow Soul

by Kumorii
Pokemon Shadow Soul
Casual Icon/Building Pokemon RPG!
Developed by Kumorii & Vexxen

Some of you have already been kind enough to check out our game and we hope you enjoyed it!! We've been offline for awhile now but we've been doing a lot of repairs and optimizations to bring this 10-year-old game into the modern day! You can expect new NPCs, new quests, a VASTLY improved build zone, and even a reformed character creation process!

We think you'll all love what we've been working on! We're on a mission to bring back the good BYOND-style Pokemon games; and we haven't abandoned that mission yet!

The game will start hosting again soon.
PSS is back online!

Keep in mind we're still working on revamping and debugging so it's still a WIP. A number of big fixes in the Story have been fixed as well as the addition of a couple new NPCs.

Check us out! We're one of the most polished and unique Pokemon games BYOND has to offer! Already played? Tell us what you think!!
3.8 is LIVE!

Our second major patch is now live with a plethora of new content ranging from bug fixes to legendary pokemon, to new quests, and new areas to explore! Things are just starting to get interesting with PSS, so check us out!

3.8.4 has just gone live!

A few bug fixes from 3.8 as well as some major changes to the map and presentation! Hopefully the build zone will get a little more love now!