Event May 1 2018, 12:00 am
to May 31 2018, 11:59 pm
I'm an old man now without the time I once had to make and play games. Gone are the days where I could sink 12 hours into a game during a single session. Now I have to make due with terrible mobile games filled with ads and loot crates.

So I'm paying you to make them for me.

What I need are some shorter, refined games packed with content. Games I don't have to commit all my free time to get anywhere while still being entertaining enough to keep me coming back for more. Have an idea you've been tinkering with, but haven't been motivated to finish it? Well, here's your chance.

Prize Tiers:
First $200
Second $100
Third $75
1st Runner $50
2nd Runner $50
Wild Card Bonus $25

This means there are five prize tiers with an additional $25 bonus I will award to whichever entry impresses me the most with a unique, interesting, or polished design element. The bonus is independent of whichever place the entry ranks at.

  • Optional Multiplayer - I should be able to play the game by myself on my own time with minimal online interaction. The game may have multiplayer, but the game shouldn't require other players.
  • Unpublished Games - If you've been tinkering with an unpublished pet project and turn it into a full game for this competition, that's fine. The publication cutoff date for potential entrants is January 1st, 2018.
  • Source Code - You're not required to publish the source code for your entry, but submissions that do will be judged more favorably. Licensing is at your own discretion.

Submission Guidelines:
Send me a personal message on byond.com containing a link to your entry along with your Paypal information. Your message must be dated before 5/31/2018 11:59 pm. You are free to post your entry in this thread for others to enjoy.
Thank you for posting. We'll put the definitive cutoff for publication at January 1st, 2018. Libraries and proof of concepts are exempt from the deadline.

Entries don't require any level of casualness. What I meant is there should be a definite start and finish to the game rather than being something open-ended you just play forever. More Chrono Trigger than Minecraft.

I can't wait to play your entry!
Where do you want us to submit our entries? Here? BYOND Pager? Discord?
In response to SuperAntx
I love Chrono Trigger
Does this have to be developed on BYOND?
In response to D4RK3 54B3R
D4RK3 54B3R wrote:
Does this have to be developed on BYOND?

If I can play it in Dream Maker you're good.
What's to stop someone from just turning their pet project they've been working on for 1-2 years into a demo for this competition to blow everyone else out of the water?
In response to AspireHer0
AspireHer0 wrote:
What's to stop someone from just turning their pet project they've been working on for 1-2 years into a demo for this competition to blow everyone else out of the water?

If this competition motivates someone enough to finish a game they've been tinkering with for two years then I'd consider it an outstanding success.
I'm intrigued.

Edit: So has anyone been working since May to develop something? ha
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Flame Guardian wrote:
I'm intrigued.

Edit: So has anyone been working since May to develop something? ha

I've been putting about an hour or two into my submission a day, I thought a GiaM sounded fun. I should probably invest more time into the project, though. Either way, we'll see if I have anything worth submitting- I rarely do these types of contests.


Prizes: There's a $500 prize pool at the moment. Prize tiers will be announced later in May.

When do you plan on announcing the prize tiers?
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Superantx moved the submission date to January, you have all summer to work on your game! =)
In response to Flame Guardian
I think the statement he made about January was that a project that had been started on prior to January 1st of this year was ineligible as a valid submission for this contest. e.g. If you had started a project in January of this year, you could submit it as a valid entry. The due date is May 31st, unless he stated otherwise elsewhere.
It's half way through the month and I hope you're all busy on your games. I've updated the entry post with prize and submission details.

The deadline for this competition is still May 31st, 2018.

There are plenty of prizes to go around. I hope that motivates whoever might be sitting on the fence to go ahead and finish their game for a chance at some cash.
Gah! My apologies for outside activities preventing me from getting this on the Facebook page in a timely manner.
I'd like to try to submit a part of our game, but the remaining work is far too much to hope to complete it in time for this deadline. Are demos acceptable?
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states your game has to have beginning and end. Why not just make a prequel or something to the game thats smaller.
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Crazah wrote:
Are demos acceptable?

Unfortunately, no. Only completed games will be valid entries.
Any preferences in terms of gameplay? Action vs Strategy? 5min levels vs 30min sessions? Guns'n grit vs gnomes and noms?
Whatever's fine. I don't expect a 30-hour epic.
It's already the final week! Make sure you send in your entries by Thursday.
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