I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm pretty darn lazy!

-My computer is right next to my bed (tiny bedroom) so if I don't feel like getting up on a weekend, I just swivel around and tap my computer on while hanging halfway off my bed.

-I'd occasionally do one of those "giant number of pictures with looping music" in place of any real content because sometimes it makes for nice filler!

-I've memorized a billion keyboard combinations so I don't have to use my mouse as much. Ctrl-Backspace deletes entire words rather than letters, for example. And not once have I ever CLICKED 'Save Post'. I always tab down and use the spacebar.

-Speaking of Byond stuff, I use Ctrl-Alt-B to open the Byond pager so I don't have to find it on the desktop or bother with the Start menu.

-I have a folder on my desktop that is named "Sort This Out Later." It's for files that were, well, going to be sorted out later when I had moved a bunch of stuff onto this computer when it was new. Instead, I now dump everything that I don't feel like sorting because "I'll do it later."

That folder now has 9,748 files, or 3.27 gigabytes of stuff.

How lazy are YOU?
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It's been two and a half months since the Game in a Day Challenge and I still haven't finished the judging. Egads.
I don't feel like being lazy. :\
My bed is right next to my computer as well. I don't even touch the floor when transferring.

I keep a pack of water in my room.

My TV is in arm reach of me, yet I still use the remote.

I use #define to keep my code unreadable and short.

I keep all my code in one file, just so that I don't have to organize it.

I sometimes don't put socks on when I put my shoes on.

My tooth brush is at my desk.

My fan is at my desk.

All of my stuff is on my desk in an extremely disorganized manner to make it easier for me to find stuff.
-Never turn off my TV. Ever.

-I have my PS2, DVD player and N64 all plugged into outlets so that all I have to do is switch the S-Video wires.

-I have stacks of books piled next to my bed, along with three different universal remote controls, a wireless PS2 controller, Wavebird, TV and VCR remotes and two DVD remotes of the same brand. My walkman, MP3 player and four different kinds of headphones lay on top of two baskets lined up next to my bed that contain video game cheats, address books, school books and an assortment of snacks and sodas.

-I have two cell phones, both in each back pocket at all times, one is one of those 'to-go' cell phones that I only use to call girls, since I don't want them talking to my mom, the other is for everyone else.

-Back in New York, I carried a 'fanny' pack, which was really more like one of those bike gear thermos holders where I always had a Brisk surrounded in ice. I carried it around everytime I went outside.

-Yesterday morning, of our snow/hail storm, we had no power so I got up at 7 in the morning, scraped ice off the driver's seat and got in without wiping off both windshields and drove across the street to Kmart.

I'm not so lazy when I think about it.
Hah, I'm around that lazy:

You're lazy to always use shortcuts, but I'm lazy because I don't care to bother learning a single one.

My bed is also next to my computer.

I'm too lazy to put everything into a single folder, so I just let it build up on my desktop until it's no longer letting me lazily put stuff on my desktop, in which then I shove it all into a single folder and let it build on my desktop again. I vowed not to do this again after my reformat, but it happened again :P
-My bed is on floor, along with my monitor which is on a sideways sewing case. I just wake up and have to tap the mouse since the monitor is always on.
-My T.V. is beside my monitor along with any console (depends on which game i'm playing) on top of it. Its always on too, so i just gotta turn the T.V. on.
-I have a mini-fridge on the other side of the monitor thats always stocked thanks to my brother.

I could basically live while laying on my bed. :D
Do I win?
Kunark wrote:
I'm too lazy to put everything into a single folder, so I just let it build up on my desktop until it's no longer letting me lazily put stuff on my desktop, in which then I shove it all into a single folder and let it build on my desktop again. I vowed not to do this again after my reformat, but it happened again :P

I do the same thing, but I never paid attention to just how much I dump things on my desktop. So I checked...

...I have 62 rows of files that are OFF OF THE SCREEN. 7 files per row which makes 434 files that I can't click with my mouse, then a couple dozen that still remain in view...oh dear.

Edit: According to Properties, counting whichever folders I can't see as well, I actually have 3203 files that are kindof on the desktop. 4 gigabytes. Holy smokes.
I have everything I need in a separate room from my bedroom, but this is basikally what I do every morning that I don't have to go somewhere:

1. Wake up, goto kitchen, bring donuts, rice crispies, and whatever my dad cooked for breakfast.
2. Get on my uber spinning chair, with the TV remote and the Wii controller next to me and turn both things on.
3. Turn on the computer, router, router, router, speakers, and monitor.
4. Micro the console and PC at one time.
I love ctrl+backspace.



Don't forget the Windows key + M to minimize every open window, leaving you with the desktop! I use that a lot too.

I also use a lot of Alt + F4 and sometimes Ctrl + F4 when I need it (closing windows inside other windows).
Windows+E brings up Explorer. (The file shell, not the crappy browser.) I use that one all the time.

I use Windows+D to minimize everything because it's easier to press with one hand (how's that for lazy?). Windows+M has the advantage that you can undo its effects with Windows+Shift+M.
I sit at my laptop all day, browse the internet, program, and talk in wiz_chat.
I might also add that, on the shortcuts note, I use Windows + D to goto my desktop and Windows + L to Switch User.

I use ALT + TAB and ALT + SHIFT + TAB to go through windows.

I use Trillian.

I keep Trillian docked to the right.

I don't generally initiate conversations.
Sarm, your a god among pixels on the interweb =P

I could never be THAT lazy, though I must admit, I have that "To Be Sorted" Folder too....
My to be sorted folder is called the recycling bin and it's always empty. I think it's funny is that I recently had to swap out hard drives and I had lazy luck. Not only did the Hard drive I put in, have an OS on it but all the drivers I needed! (I later figured out that it was my old one >_>)
You all make me sick.
I pee in bottles and place them around my room because I don't feel like walking to the bathroom.

That beats everyone's 'laziness' qualities.

"Ooooh, I don't organize my files", "I use keyboard macros cause I'm too lazy to use my mouse'.
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