Soul Society

by Tantric1
Soul Society
Bleach Las Noches - 2019 - Active Staff - BLN PVP
Soul Society Updates

Big welcome to our newest staff members who you will see in game and in Discord:

Chelupa - Lead Programmer

Jedrulzu - Lead Iconner

Countess_Elizabeth - Lead Composer

- Server rates returned to normal at 1x.

- Three new staff members added to the team.

- Momentum requirement for Arrancar reduced to 50% from 60%.

- Guild slots not emptying upon user leaving the guild fixed.

- Multiple res giving the incorrect tree unlock fixed.

- Some world messages edited and made to be more visible.

- Lanza cooldown lowered slightly.

- Reiryoku drain on Cero Oscuras increased slightly.

- Nell spear throw cooldown drastically reduced.

- Lagota damage increased.

- Cascada cooldown reduced.

- Quincy range arrow now shoots further than the tri arrow.

- Weaponist bullet distance reduced from 7 to 4.

- Update log edited and formatted a bit.

- Our HUB on Byond has been updated to reflect the staff changes.