Poll: Uresun hewer you ear ro who you gto heer.. thaw od you od?

Nfid throes 0% (0)
Nfid doof / ewart 15% (2)
Blashiest helters 30% (4)
Nfid a wanepo 7% (1)
Llik throes 7% (1)
Tool dlbusinig 0% (0)
Llik <i>meth</i> 38% (5)

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//////.... : ;a;; :. dbyono mecos heer no puperos.. |||
<<<>>>>>...: ;;t: ; ondboy anc veale, theire.. \\\
[[[]]]]].... r;;; :;; :. ew nod't wonk who

you don'tt know how

I voted for meth.

EDIT: Whoah. Hax.

EDIT2: Did you embed JavaScript into the website? Wtf? Lol.

EDIT3: Seriously, some funky shit is going on:
Are you lost too?

Unsure where you are, or how you got here... What do you do?

1) find others

2) find food / water

3) Establish shelter

4) find a weapon

5) kill others

6) loot buildings

7) kill them

nobody comes here on purpose
nobody can leave either
we don't know how
you don't know how.

I smell an AR game.

I'll bite.

1) Nobody else knows how they got here or how to leave. Finding others might be problematic. Also, Them sounds scary. We don't know if others will be them

2/3) Food / water are a definite priority, but shelter is probably a higher priority. We've got 3 days before food/water become a major priority. Worst case, Bear Grylls.

4/6) Loot and weapons are more likely to lead us to them. We don't know that others and them are hostile, so let's go hunger games and do our best to find a safe place to hole up until we get a better grasp on what's going on.

5/7) Let's wait a couple days to go full sociopath, k guys?