by Zav Denland
It is back. The old fashioned Resident Evil Online game. Based off the capcom series, it is your job to slaughter the hordes and fight with others to survive the onslaught.
Would be nice to see information here regarding the game; or on the hub regarding the game for that matter as well.
Get it going :P
well cool but does it work?
And if it does i would love to find a host XD

who is bringing the game back o.o?
I'm trying to bring the game back but am having a few set backs. I am not much of a programmer but i got all the files from dark emerald so I assume everything is there. However I am having trouble actually hosting the game it runs fine on dream daemon but the game does not give me any host commands so I am unable to host it. Another problem is that the byond pager does'nt recognize me as in game so others cannot join. Once I have these problems figured out I will have a server up ASAP until then I am sorry for the inconvenience.
eh thats cool but i could maybe find a host but emm...hope u fix all your problems :3
Someone needs to host this game already >.>
There is everything here from the old REO, and the single player works fine. However, I cannot host, there is a guy by the name of Vanitys_Blood_Harvest that loves this game and would probably agree to hosting if he is still on byond.
In response to Zav Denland
I have been looking for this the original REO files for a long time, I am able to hose, and have experience coding and mapping, I'd like to see this game return.