Soul Society

by Tantric1
Soul Society
Bleach Las Noches - 2019 - Active Staff - BLN PVP
- Server wiped. Necessary, and voted on overwhelmingly by the community.

- Characters now soft cap at level 3,000. Beyond that, levels are gained by one, and stat points are reduced. We've tried a wipe with no cap, a wipe with a hard cap, and now we will try a soft cap.

- In an effort to reduce lag, new Kaien and Weaponist characters have been disabled temporarily. See Tantric for a stat reset and race change.

- Guild promotion issue fixed.

- Soul Society Newbie video embedded into the guide.

- Survival maps and their void entrances fixed.

- CTF flag carrier now moves slower. Needs testing.

- Accepting arena challenges is now disabled in the guildhouse. Needs testing.

- Title theme added to the newbie zone and character creation.

- Souten Kisshun healing buffed.

- Ukitake masteries and convert energy buffed.

- Grimmjows mastery rates increased.

- Updated general guide with a section on fixing lag.