Soul Society

by Tantric1
Soul Society
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Updates 5/13/2018

- Toxii and Chuck Norris added to the GM team! Welcome! Thanks to the rest of you for applying -- it was a super tough decision. It was nice to see all of the applicants trying to help!

- Guilds.sav wiped to solve the loss of guilds on reboot. Ask an admin for a refund.

- Eyepatchobj spam as Zaraki fixed.

- Players being unable to login due to clones fixed (hopefully).

- Sennen Hyourou fixed and functioning.

- Mayuri paralysis fixed.

- Players have stamina restored upon CTF start automatically.

- Players have stamina restored upon CTF exit automatically.

- Tournaments and invasions/defends disabled from event rotation for the time being.

- Garganta stamina requirement reduced to 35%.

- Stark cero fatigue lowered and damage increased.

- Harribel changed to a power shikaiclass. Ask admin for a shikaiclass change.

- Lagota damage slightly buffed.

- Cooldown increased on Pebbles.

- SS / HM / Earth hougyoku guards buffed immensely. Gather your team!

- Keikatsu healing kidou buffed.

- NPC Letsuami's kidou prices increased.

- Fixed a bug where classes other than rep/vai could buy kidou.

- Kidou Launcher minigame in the waterfall cost and prize buffed.

- Minor world message tweaks.

- Ichinose's "Terasu" bankai mastery chance increased.

- Shoen damage reduced.

- Quincy power arrow damage reduced.

- Quincy arrow fatigue increased slightly.

- Raikouhou damaged nerfed.

- Barragan drain increased slightly.

- Illforte/DelTorro now unlocks the power tree. Ask admin for a shikaiclass change.

- Server profiling enabled to lock down the lag issues from certain projectiles.

- General guide tweaks.

- Technique guide tweaks. (Thanks Chuck!)

- Minor text fixes.

Here's some preview / proof of concept stuff our iconner is working on! Check it out!

Soul Society

Soul Society

Soul Society

As always, thanks for playing Soul Society. <3