Hey everyone. I wanted to ask what are the copyright issues i should be worried about if i have a game revolving around the marvel and DC superhero universes? I suspect both marvel and DC are very strict with copyright so is it a good idea to just use the basic stuff from these two universes or should i rip off the qualities and add my own custom names? For example, as a selectable race, can i add Kryptonian(Superman's race) or should i add a rip off with a custom name but give it same powers as superman?
What about ripping off the powers? Wouldn't that kill copyright if i have added my own custom stuff but merely given them same attributes as their superheroes?
You'd likely be better off making your own flavor of things. BYOND had a really fun game waaaay back in 2001-2002 called Superhero Bash that was basically a homage to all comic book heroes without infringing on any copyrights and it was just fantastic.