The bad news this week is, I think I trimmed my raspberry bushes too aggressively and cut back most if not all of the canes that would have fruited this year; I may have killed one bush entirely. Hopefully they'll spread, but I doubt I'll get much of a harvest this year. The worse news is I can barely function because of all the tree sperm.

I probably should have a release out today, but I don't, and the main reason is I'm still in the cleanup phase on a couple of items. The client profiling is nearly ready, but I didn't put anything in for the rendering portion yet so that needs to be added. Plus, I'm hoping I can sneak in an additional fix before the release, because I've heard that, inexplicably, /tg SS13 servers running 512.1424, but not 1422, are causing client crashes for some users. This baffles me because almost nothing whatsoever changed on the server and none of it should have impacted the data sent to the client. I don't yet even know if 1423 has the issue or 1424, and anyway I'm gonna need a test case because the crashes are happening in an icon destructor where they don't tell me anything.

Early in the week I broke my promise to myself to get off the optimization train, and threw in server-side changes to Appearance, AppearanceFilter, MapObject (which handles keeping track of which objs and mobs are known to a user and in what state), and ID arrays. The first three now use a template version of the Bag class, so no more virtual functions, which should improve speed for each of those. For ID arrays, I set up such a bag so they can use a binary search instead of a linear one when potentially adding a new array, which is something that happens when manipulating overlays. I had mentioned a bit of this on our Patreon page last week. I usually post a slightly different bit of info there every week to complement the development news post on the forum, so don't forget to hop over and check it out.

A couple of important bug fixes are in the pipeline, including a big one to visual contents, and recently a very ancient parsing bug popped up that impacts numbers in an input() list.

Again I want to thank everyone who's helped support BYOND through their Memberships or donations. You guys really are the best. And of course huge thanks to the patrons as well. Recently I did a patrons-only post over on Patreon (just for a week, then it was free for all), with some juicy under-the-hood details, and I may keep doing that in the future.

This is the last deep breath (provided you can take one at all) before summer, which as we all know starts in earnest on Memorial Day weekend. Make the most of it if you have the weather for it by torturing vegans with the beautiful, beautiful smell of grilled meat.