Hello Readers! The unofficial start of summer is quickly coming upon us, and between the rain and heat I'm not entirely sure I have done anything worthy of being deemed ''spring cleaning''... Sounds like a good enough reason to avoid the yearly family weekend bonfire!

With just a little over a week remaining in SuperAntX's development challenge, quite a few developers sound like they have good games in development! Five prize tiers have been announced, with a special bonus going to the most impressive entry. It's not too late to take part, so open up Dream Maker and crank out that unique concept!


BYOND Developer Lummox JR is still on an optimization fix (note: raspberry bushes may be over-optimized, no revision control) with several internal structures receiving additional speed-ups, more about that on the BYOND Pateron page, client profiling information is just short rendering data, and a few crashes and input parser bugs have been eliminated.


Azusa Online currently remains offline while upgrades are being made to countless systems, but to tide everyone over, Inutaishos is sharing a midpoint progress log on the roleplaying game's current status. Dynamic interactions and events seem to be the focus, with many changes being made to how player progression occurs, how homes and buildings are constructed and destroyed, and how players can influence the progression of world events. The game now has its own album of music, and lifetime subscription sales come to an end this weekend.

I'm not sure what's with Flick and geometric shapes - First hexagons, and now squares, still waiting on those broken circles - he's creating a sidescrolling gravity-defying runner, that currently features two levels with spinning coins to collect as players instruct a box to bounce though an obstacle course, in hopes of reaching the portal at the end.

If you cut down one tree, plant two in its place, right? Well, now you can in Pixel Realm's Spires of Agartha. A tree is grown from an acorn and requires six hours to grow; leaving me wishing my garden grew like that! Additionally, new rules regarding necromancer revivals have been set forth on their Discord channel, and a handful of spells have been discovered or altered.

The battle rages on in Paradise City! Players can now move at different speeds as they traverse the map, mentions can be made in chat, and new housing items are ready for decoration. New skins and costumes are ready to be worn, and NPCS are much more durable, while vehicles are not. Falacy has also created a brand new trailer for the game, which can be viewed on their Patreon page.

Tacurumin is back on BYOND and building some soccer stadiums for Futebol Total!

Kozuma3 is currently in the midst of crafting an RPG! Over a half-dozen equipment sets to be equipped, randomly generated dungeons to be explored, monsters to be slain, and pets to be domesticated. So what are you waiting for? Oh right, a release ;)

Allied Nations has begun moving towards a more intuitive user experience in recent days, moving away from statpanels. While Godsring isn't juggling HUD locations, he is also working on improving combat, automatic path finding, and upping the frame rate to accommodate recent optimizations.

Travylleb continues to lead the School District construction committee, making progress on their Blackjack development session. Gamblers can now join a table, get cards, and decide on their next action, stand or bust! An Infopanel interface has been added, and the enrollment process is in development.

Crazah made a video of Zenith's Call, during a battle with the king, and compared the conflict to how the game was over four years ago during the same battle. Pay close attention to the differences in interface elements and controls, changes in tempo, and just how slick the new animations are.