Things were a little slow this week with various projects pulling me this way and that, and also I've been partially non-functional part of the week because allergy season is upon us in full force. Also, I went to the zoo yesterday and spent the afternoon in a Benadryl coma, but hey, I didn't get to go at all last year because we didn't even have a spring in 2017. But progress was made and I'm pretty pleased with it.

Build 512.1425 is finally out, and it has a bunch of exciting changes. The biggest is that the promised client-side profiling is finally here. I want to do a little better with the UI in the future and allow for some expand/collapse behavior on subcategories, but what's there right now isn't half bad and should give you a window into how the client performs.

A big new server change, something of a foot-in-the-door refactor, also impacts this release by switching some internal classes over to using templates instead of virtual functions, for faster operation. If appearance churn is bogging down your game, this might have a noticeable impact.

It looks like one of the bugs I was on the lookout for mysteriously vanished again, which is to say it's probably still lurking somewhere but it disappeared when the users in question tried to isolate it. But I dealt with a few other bugs here and there, including a regression from 1424 that had an impact on see_in_dark and therefore on SS13. (Is there a part of the engine SS13 doesn't use? I'm amazed at the ingenuity of all these different branches.)

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Summer starts this weekend! Not officially, and not as far as many schools are concerned around here, but you know this is where it really matters. And what better way to spend those hot summer nights than sitting in cool air conditioning and playing your favorite BYOND games? Developing new favorites, of course! So get out there (or in there, I guess) and make something awesome!
Oh wow client-side profiling should help a shit ton