Duel Monsters Online

by Kajika
Duel Monsters Online
An online version of the Trading Card Game.
this game really needs a bump... i waited 10 bloody years for it to reappear
I really want to get in touch with Kajika again rip... been playing links itís pretty cool but con$uming lel
you should try the tag force series they are cool and easy to play with ppsspp emulator
i couldnt play link.. i would have to learn so many more cards and link fusion and wut not... i just think dmo deserves a comeback @ Rukia
@bot i've played tag force its rather fun =)
Sorry for the recent absence, I didn't notice any players for a few months so I just fell out of habit checking if the servers were still up.

The new version had some huge progress but I hit a roadblock with BYOND related problems again. Duel Links is well done, it's hard to compete with something like that.
@Kajika im checking dmo everyday for new updates btw
dmo 2.0 is still in the works.. but Dmo version one is stable and running..welcome to join me on version one
there is no banlist in the first version and the duels are not cool
I haven't worked on DMO 2 in some time. I'm a bit swamped with contracts at the moment (4,000 words written today, fun stuff!). I didn't think anyone was playing so I had stopped.

What do you mean by no banlist? You mean it still has the staples and such?

DMO 2 was leaning towards using the speed duel rules. 20 cards, 4k LP, no Raigeki etc.
no ban list means raigeki, harpies duster such cards are allowed also magician of faith not limited some people are using 4x raigeki in 1 duel with is not fun at all
and btw your game is the only online game where i can play only with the old cards with is what i want everything after YGO GX is bad for me
You're able to use 4 Raigeki in a deck in DMO? If you can let me know how they're doing this I'll put up a patch.

Is the game any fun with the old cards without the staples?
the 4 raigeki can be used with 3 magician of faith and yes i prefer the old cards but a ban list is needed!!
i agree ban list is needed.. if you remove the staples people will get more creative with their decks and it'd be more fun over all..the same old pot/gc/raigeki/mystic typhoon/feather duster reliant decks are kinda plain
If a rotating ban list were possible i think that would be the way to go. I agree with bot on the old cards. After the GX series things got a bit stupid. I would have been on but my pc died. I have a chrome book but that doesn't really work for byond.
so kajika are we gonna get any updates ?
bumparino we want to duelio
@kajika set up the automated tournies please
@Kajika i have a shell server and would love to run this game, and give the people what the want.
In response to Sarwat
Sarwat wrote:
@kajika set up the automated tournies please

This. I'd get on 3-4 nights a week if this was added. Also I know a few people who don't get on regular anymore due to them switching to chromebooks and the play in browser button not working completely.
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