Hey all,

I've been the volunteer on the Facebook page for many years and it's time for me to step down. There's no drama nonsense. (Frell, I hardly talk to anyone.) I just find that even my lurking in the community has diminished and I don't like missing content that should be posted in a timely manner.

I don't know how the Facebook page will be handled from now on, but please feel free to share Announcements posts in your social media of choice. =)
I'm a little late, but thanks for all your years of service to the Facebook page :)
I missed this message, but I feel you. My presence in the community regardless of hanging out on Discord has diminished as well. Recently though, I've been trying to get back into the DM swing of things regardless of doing projects outside of BYOND.

I was actually almost tempted to retire from DM programming due to my reduced presence, but seems like that's going to last longer than expected. :D