Our game has made it on byond's Collage. Quite happy it was added in. Now if only we could update the game faster heheh. Thanks goes to Mikau for submitting a screenshot of our game.
Nice work, shows how far you've come!
Don't forget to put that membership to good use, I suggest putting it on TheFFAnotherWorldTeam key. That way you can all make posts on the blog of it and such.
I haven't talked to shink or amy about it yet. If we don't put it on that key it'll likely be on Amy's since she's the only one of us that doesn't have it yet. Heh.
I would suggest that then. I think I asked Amy before why Joel hasn't boughten her one, and she claimed she didn't want and/or need one. Something to that extent.

Anyways, yes, I think that is probably better.