New Era: Worst Generation

by Xalexx16
Public Beta Release 12/05/2018

Changelog v0.72 *** MaxLv:30

Version 0.72. 15-01-19

*Working back on project.

*More Minor Buggs Fix.

*New isle added Foreverwinter!

Version 0.71. 15-01-19

*Minor Buggs Fix.

*Updated 2nd Classes.

*Adding some more skills.

Version 0.70. 07-06-18

*Updated Inventory System, now is easyer to use and looks much better.

*Added Second classes.

*Added Dodge,Crit,Block Syst.

*Added Attack Speed Syst.

*Updated Stat display.

*Updated Skill Panel.//Pending

Version 0.67. 28-05-18

*Players cant be loted if are under level 8.

*Added new isle "desert" on the north-west from Main isle.

*Balanced cyborg(he had too insane dmg)

*New isle Volcano on the center of mainland, there spawn dragons and the world boss.

*Max level 30

*Bounty system have been updated, now if you kill a player he loses a 25% of his bounty and you gain it.

-Working on a player kill update(now you will have a skull icon for a limited time if you kill a player/'s)

Version 0.58. 22-05-18

*Added Health meters.

*Added new isle on mainland desert(18-22).

*Added group(party) system with exp and berry share.

Version 0.55. 21-05-18

*Added fisherman passive function Steroids.

*Added Highscore & Medals on Hub.

*Remaked Skills Dmg system.

*Balanced powers between the races.

*Mainland first isle completly done, also max level increassed to 20!

*Added npcs and enemies on Main Isle(8-16).

Version 0.47. 11-05-18

*Fixed minor bugs on enemies death.

*Added new basic cloth seller.

*Now some enemies drop items.

*Added first boss on tutorial isle.

*Updated bounty system.

*Now you can leave tutorial isle at lv 8+.

Version 0.43. 05-05-18

*Added new race cyborg.

*Now max level is 15.

*Fixed Guns now works + added all guns till lv24(more info down).

Version 0.40. 05-05-18

*Starting zone remaked ground icons.

*Added destinity waterfall on the north of the isle(used to leave starting zone on level 8).

Version 0.37. 02-05-18

*Added Starting Zone where you will learn the basicis, you can leave this zone to go to the main zone after reaching level 8 or 10 getting a bonus.

*Added all enemies and shops on Starting zone.

Version 0.30. 29-04-18

*Remake of Alphabet System(Now names are shown on different color depending of if is npc/monster/player and also now is letters are bigger and bold)

*Fixed Armor (Every 2 Str you gain 1 armor(def) and every 1 End you gain 1.5 armor(def) )

*Added first enemies cows, chickens and rats ( :)) as always we start with the cows and chiks )

*-*Lv1 Chick*-*

-HP:50 ATK:4 ARM:4 EXP:5 BERRY:5

*-*Lv2 Rat*-*

-HP:120 ATK:10 ARM:7 EXP:10 BERRY:20

*-*Lv3 Cow*-*

-HP:200 ATK:16 ARM:10 EXP:20 BERRY:30

*-*Lv4 Turtle*-*

-HP:400 ATK:4 ARM:22 EXP:40 BERRY:80

*-*Lv6 Snake*-*

-HP:250 ATK:32 ARM:20 EXP:60 BERRY:120

Version 0.25. 24-04-18

*Updated Items Wearing(Now every item can be equiped on a different level and all are balanced).

*Added new weapons and clothes items(Boost your attacks, defence and stats).

*Added new weapon type: Club Weapon && Axe Weapon.

*Update: Stats can be obtained from leveling, weapon/cloth, skills and also you can train it like before(you get a amount of exp for each hit with the weapon).


-*-Speciality Dmg/Spd/Def-*-

-Lv1 Wooden Sword(10 ATK 2 STR)

-Lv5 Wooden Katana(25 ATK 3 STR)

-Lv8 Knife(50 ATK 5 STR 2 END)

-Lv16 Sword(110 ATK 10 STR 4 END 2 SPD)

-Lv24 Katana(240 ATK 15 STR 8 END 5 SPD 4 STA)


-*-Speciality Spd/Dmg/Def-*-

-Lv1 Wooden Tonfa(8 ATK 1 STR 1 SPD)

-Lv8 Steel Tonfa(40 ATK 4 STR 3 END)

-Lv16 Steel Ball Tonfa(95 ATK 7 STR 3 END 6 SPD)

-Lv24 Spiked Tonfa(210 ATK 14 STR 5 END 10 SPD 3 STA)


-*-Speciality Def/Dmg/Spd-*-

-Lv1 Wooden Mace(12 ATK 2 END)

-Lv8 Baseball Bat(60 ATK 3 STR 4 END)

-Lv16 Steel Mace(130 ATK 6 STR 8 END 2 STA)

-Lv24 Mace(270 ATK 10 STR 16 END -1 SPD 6 STA)


-*-Speciality Dmg/Def/Spd-*-

-Lv1 Wooden Axe(15 ATK 2 STR)

-Lv8 Steel Axe(70 ATK 5 STR 2 END)

-Lv16 Steel Battleaxe(160 ATK 10 STR 6 END)

-Lv24 Axe(330 ATK 20 STR 10 END 2 STA)


-*-Speciality Dmg/Def/Spd-*-

-Lv1 Slingshot(12 ATK 2 STR)

-Lv8 Flintlock(60 ATK 5 STR 2 SPD)

-Lv16 Rifle(150 ATK 10 STR 6 SPD)

-Lv24 Musket(300 ATK 20 STR 10 SPD 2 STA)


-*-Speciality Spd/Def/Dmg-*-

-----Comming Soon....------





Version 0.13. 21-04-18

*Added new container items(Adds more capacity to your inventory).

-Backpack(10 cap)

-Big Backpack(15 cap)

-Shell Backpack(20 cap)

-Fire Backpack(25 cap)

-Skull Backpack(30 cap)

Version 0.12. 21-04-18

*Updated Statistics, Inventory and Abilitis panel.

*Updated the stats system(now you dont even levelup your Str,End,Sta... you get stats from items and leveling).

Version 0.05. 20-04-18

*Remaked Interface.

*Remaked Leveling System(Added max level restriciton till new updates adjusted to lv 10).

Version 0.01. 20-04-18

*Start of the Project