Every time I try to connect to Fallout13 Outcasts [HRP], this happens:

Other people have had this issue with this server as well. The fix that works for me is to spam click reconnect 30+ times, wait for it to refresh/reconnect, and see if it crashes the client, because when the byond client crashes after the reconnect spam, it'll re-open the client and connect to the server normally.

I have no idea what it is and neither do the devs of the server. Anyone know a better fix?
This picture doesn't say a thousand words. What exactly is wrong there, aside from the empty output? Can you be more specific about the trouble?

Does clearing your cache solve anything?
It's maybe check_randomizer problem, ask server host to disable it: 48cb787f1a4c4946a703ffa769429655a6109e3b/config/ config.txt#L125

In short - i don't sure that this necessary today (maybe i'm wrong), and method how it check can cause some problems with cache for clients.