Hey, all, I'm posting this here to ask all our talented pixel artists to dig deep and come up with a small but detailed image, or images, that can be used for demonstrating filters in the DM reference.

Here's what I'm looking for:

- Should be colorful! Projectiles, items, NPCs, monsters, or even abstract shapes are welcome.

- Should be no bigger than 64x64, and include at least some transparent pixels, preferably at least around the edges.

- Should contain some details that would show off the effects of various filters, e.g. blurs and wave distortion.

- Should look good against a checkered background of gray-170 and gray-128, 4px per square.

- Obviously, original work is a must. Please do not use other people's icons or anything with dodgy IP provenance. Any submissions should be considered licensed for use by BYOND in perpetuity.

I may use several such images to show off comparative results.

Also, if you know of any other part of the reference that would benefit from an image and you know just the image you want to show, I'm very open to using that, so please let me know.
do you need any animations to any of the objects
Volunteer as tribute.

Does the 64x64 include the filter area, or just the original sprite?
Ideally the 64x64 could contain the filter area, but I'm flexible if you have something in mind.
In response to PixelRat
PixelRat wrote:
do you need any animations to any of the objects

No; single frames would actually be better.
I guess I sort of misread this. I was thinking you were looking for images including the filters. You just want something to do the filter work on.

You're welcome to use this:

I'll add some projectiles soon :)
I'll drop some unused weapon ui your way


I'll see if I got more stuff
Any of these as well.