Hi guys, recently I've been getting some pretty bad graphical errors with my lighting to the point of not being able to play. So far to fix it I've tried: Clearing my BYOND cache and restarting my computer, switching between both hardware and software rendering modes, downgrading to an earlier version of BYOND, reinstalling BYOND, updating my drivers, adding a byond profile to my graphics card, changing my power use settings (I'm on a laptop) making sure my locale was set to English and enabling and disabling several in-server graphical effects. So far, none of these have worked. It's worth noting that I'm on the Beta version and unable to downgrade as the servers I've been playing on (SS13 servers) require the Beta version.

My computer specs are:
Intel Core Duo U7700 1.33ghz with 2 CPU's
Roughly 2 gigs of ram
Mobile Intel 945 Express Chipset Family with 256mb of VRAM

Images of the bugs:


Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!
Mobile Intel 945 Express Chipset Family with 256mb of VRAM

BYOND's method of rendering seems to wig out integrated GPUs. No clue why. It's never been fully explored.
Strange as Iíve played BYOND games fine on this machine with no issues. I wonder if itís related to some newer graphical updates to the servers Iím playing on?
I really have no clue why the color matrix shader is failing here. I'm gonna add some debugging to the next build so that if the shader fails to compile for some reason, it will spit out some output to a file.