Stargate Online

by LemonYourAid
Stargate Online
Explore countless planets, engage in intense combat, and march your race toward victory!
Massive overhaul is underway to bring SGO up to date. Many bug fixes and changes are being made.

We'll be doing open testing frequently, and possibly be looking at permanent hosting.

During Phase 1 you will not be able to travel to other planets. Phase 1 is testing is to evaluate 3 main things.

1. Tutorial errors
2. Inventory errors
3. Combat errors.

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Well this sounds like it will be fun. Hopefully we will not have a repeat of the last server where admins meddling in race affairs basically killed it.

For anyone new or not able to recall what happened: I was SGC's 2IC when the Tau'ri's current race leader who was also game staff member decided to retire, and Yurg decided to offer me a staff position while not mentioning that new staff would be barred from race leadership. I ended up resigning from said position feeling I'd be more needed as race leader, but to no avail as Yurg had already decided the new race leader....

To add insult to injury he selected someone who was not even an OFFICER, completely bypassing the entirety of the chain of command just so he'd have someone to kiss his rear end and make whatever changes to the race politics without having to get his own hands dirty. That little fiasco managed to tick off the entirety of the Tau'ri, as well as the Asgard who shot our new leader on site.
There is definitely progress being made. The ray casting system I Implemented for weapons is far less laggy than the standard BYOND style weapon system. I may release a Library for it in the future.
Looks good so far, wasn't able to test crafting or mining cause it would not let me mine and deleted picks instead.

I managed to goof my way into a personal ship with no idea how to stop piloting it without quitting server.

Found out that if you don't remove your current outfit putting on a new one deletes the old one and leaves a bugged after image of the item where the inventory is.
Awesome, good reporting I appreciate it. The personal ship isn't ready yet. The interface hasn't been completed. Mining is something I just got done working on yesterday. Crafting will require an interface as well before we can test that.

Outfits are suppose to swap positions in the inventory, so I'll definitely look into that. Looks like the server crashed at some point as well.

Did you test any of the missions? How did that go? How about the puzzles? There's a tablet on Centropolis that can be discovered which will lead you on a path to discover new planets. Currently no rewards, but the puzzles are interesting and can be a little difficult to solve.
Well I attempted to leave the planet but couldn't dial out, so I wandered about, found the ship, couldn't mine/craft so I called it a night.

Only missions I knew of involved having crystals/talking to the General on Earth.