Stargate Online

by LemonYourAid
Stargate Online
Explore countless planets, engage in intense combat, and march your race toward victory!
A lot of progress is being made in how things function as well as new additions to create a more fluid world.

For more frequent communication, feel free to connect to the Stargate Online Discord channel using this link:


- Tutorial (The long over due, properly completed tutorial has for the most part, been completed.)

- Missions (While very incomplete, I hope to achieve a lengthy story line for both Jaffa and Tau'ri to enjoy.)

- Messages (Messages from NPC's now display as an interface screen centered under the players character)

- Volume Control (While unable to change the volume, the core for this has replaced almost all sounds now. Volume is defaulted to 5% so don't be alarmed if you can't hear anything)

- NPCs (While there have been NPCs, this system has never been what it needs to be. It still produces lag, but overtime we'll find a way to reduce the lag and optimize it.)

- Deathscreen (Oma greets us after every death with a randomly pulled quote. It feels right.)

- Personal Worlds (After a couple days of solving saving/loading kinks, I feel comfortable with announcing the fact that personal worlds are definitely going to be a thing. With restrictions of 1 object per tile, and only 2 layers for the ground.)

- Gate Discovery (When starting, you'll no longer find yourself knowing every address. In fact one of my favorite things when I started was being able to find new address. Now, you can. While still a work in progress, we expect every planet will eventually be found by solving puzzles on planets.)


- Full Screen Interface (While possibly not the best approach, it has more benefits and allows proper interfacing and locating without much complexity. I feel it's a good overall solution to providing on screen text without using HUDs.)

- New DHD HUD (While it's main purpose is to be used as Earth's DHD, it'll temporarily serve as the interface for all DHDs.);

- Movement (We want to impose Step X and Step Y and allow for smaller pixel based movements. To all you Oldbies out there combating with 32 pixel step movements, just know this system will not diminish your abilities, but only enhance them!)

- Projectiles (Projectiles no-longer use actual movement, but instead interpretative movements. What this means is that even though you see the projectile moving, it's not really there. The damage calculations are timed and wait to check if you're at the right spot at the right moment. It's fairly complex and has some very minor issues, but will reduce spam over all)

- Mob NPCs and some OBJs need to be re-written as /turf/. The reason for this, is to reduce the unnecessary variables and procs that these two classes use.

- Ship System (While I did have one already made and planned, I need to make some changes to improve the system.)

- More maps (We'll always want more maps to discover. I'm working on a mapmaker version of Dream Maker to be released for anyone that desires to do the work)

- Puzzles (Many unique puzzles will be worked on for gate discovery)

- Standalone Support (While BYOND is a nice platform, we aim to move BeYOND the user base. This may require multiple servers in the future to accommodate growth. We aim to fund this through advertisements on our website. )