Hello Readers! In my mind, today is actually Wednesday, and prior to now, so was this column. So if you don't really think about it, it makes sense that this column would happen to be released on a Thursday and still be on time. Quickly now, before too much thought is allowed to occur, let's see what has been on the minds of developers around BYOND!


Lummox JR has spent the last few weeks attempting to stop the cascading chain of failing chained operators, more details on that on the BYOND Patreon page! Additionally, fixes to filters and non-topdown maps have gone into effect, and a change to how objects lookup unchanged variables means reduced memory usage for games! Filters work better, visual contents updates correctly, and the turf image hang bug has been exterminated. What's next? Perhaps a method to measure maptext space usage?


Ante up! The School District: Online now has wagers to make on Blackjack games in their latest update. Additionally, new animations are in, and custom hotkeys can be set up.

Huston, we have a problem! New creatures have been discovered, and they're not from earth! Two new enemies in Bravo1's Dark Star have been shown from behind closed doors. One is a spider/crawler/jumper creature, and the other has tentacles for arms. Fortunately the new beam rifle will help to spill their newly reformed blood.

Kozuma3 has been working on some projects in their time not connected to the World Wide Web. The first project shared is a basic platformer with a few hundred furry friends. The seem to mirror your moves, so don't get trapped! The second project is named Paradigm, and is a text based RPG. Explore the world for treasures, craft tools and equipment, and take down the Abyssal Demon that killed me :).

AvidAnimeFan has resumed production on Kage: Rise of the Tengu! Dozens of new items have been added, questing interfaces have been upgraded, new Ninpos have been discovered, safe areas have been established, and new tools can be purchased from the casino with... winnings....

Crazah fills us in on the latest redesign for the website of Zenith's Call. The domain name reflects the game's new name, and you'll also find current information about the game, along with the official forums.

Magus8 is talking religion and politics in the latest status update for Arcane Chronicles. A screen capture of the game's intro menu has been shared, and some mock-ups of the players inventory and status displays are on show. The game begins with the player as a pupil enrolled in a magic school whose construction has been recently completed. Next is the hiring of faculty, writing of books, and a hefty helping of computerized wizardry.

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can you just open source byond please? It would speed up ss13 development, thanks.
hail cargonia
Make BYOND open-source, please. The SS13 community has a huge supply of coders who would utilize and improve BYOND's code.
Don't open source :O keep up with your great work lummox o/
Make BYOND open-source in the name of open-source SS13 community!
shut the fuck up ss13 is a badly optimized game i've disabled atmospherics once with the help of coding and CPU usage went from %85 to %20 exactly your coders are the one who need to optimize ss13, not byond.
Lel, I mean, considering there are numerous engines that can handle such sophisticated and numerous calculations and computations at once and don't have issues, it's not unreasonable to consider that the engine is one of the limitations.
some byond games look beautiful, and they didn't even need to make 30000 lines of code just for a shitty atmospherics system that lags with a single explosion.

doesn't take a rocket scientist to achieve this much optimization.

the engine is not shitty, and it won't be open sourced as far I know, byond has it's limitations, but it's easy to get around them, and optimization is extremely easy to do, yet not done. because MUH 20 FPS AND 100 WHILE LOOPS AND THE BAD CHECK_TICK WHICH WORKS INCORRECTLY AND ISNT EVEN USED

god damn i could honestly write a damn paragraph about this but i'm not doing it
In response to AlcaroIsAFrick
AlcaroIsAFrick wrote:

The savior we deserve.
If you could optimize tg/station atmos, we would make you king of SS13.
There's literally no reason to not open-source byond. Greedy owners smh
In response to Jayz420maskoff
Jayz420maskoff wrote:
There's literally no reason to not open-source byond. Greedy owners smh

so greedy, someone barely making $5k a month on a product they've spent over 10 years working on...
In response to Super Saiyan X
Super Saiyan X wrote:
Jayz420maskoff wrote:
There's literally no reason to not open-source byond. Greedy owners smh

so greedy, someone barely making $5k a month on a product they've spent over 10 years working on...

Information should be free. Rent should be expensive. People should eat their young for sustenance and textiles with which to fabricate a tent to live in. The fat can be used as tallow with which to generate light.
In response to Super Saiyan X
$5K a month would be nice.
You could have if it you re-added some ads to the website for non-members.
In response to MrStonedOne
Frankly I'm open to that at this point. The Adpocalypse was pretty nasty and far-reaching.
I've been tossing a game concept around where 2-4 players face off with massive armies. So I popped open dream maker this morning and programmed a proof of concept with some place holder art.

Here it is.

Think It's worth expanding upon?

EDIT : The gif is 10fps, but the prototype runs at about 24 fps.
TABS byond?
In response to Ter13

I was gonna give each player a budget that increases over time that they build units (perhaps buildings too) with and send off to war. The game would end when one side destroys a player's nexus. Was shooting for roughly 10 minutes a round.

Of course, I'd like to give players more control over what their troops are doing than just "go charge and have fun", as well as more unit variety.

My big concern is that the engine simply won't be able to handle hundreds of units going at it from each side.
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