Azusa RP Online

by Inutaishos
Azusa RP Online
New Game Mode: Battle Arena, and Free to play steam period!

Hi... Eh, okay I am nervous... Been working at this for a while now, and, this got me a few sleepless nights working to break my own records as usual, this is the biggest update in Azusa story, mainly if you count till the start of our downtime!

So if you didn't yet, its crucial to read our first 2 parts of this big update, 1.0.5:
and 1.0.6:

And still about 1.0.6, would like to thank everyone that participated our first lifetime lotery! it worked way better then I expected so thanks to everyone and congratulations to Sandreve for winning!
Don't think I forgot about the SECOND lotery! It will be announced shortly after this update log; and will happen at our facebook page:

Okay, we are all here for the same thing, so lets hurry and talk about the update!

Interface Remade
This topic started in 1.0.6, sounds trivial but a complete interface rework took alot of time, and, I am sure it was worth it!
The final windows to be remade were the character window and the submenus!

While this new interface is more intuitive, its also very familiar and easy for old players as almost every command are organized in the same categories; small changes made toward them and of course a cleaning as removing alot of useless buttons and informations;
Like, potential is now gone, there was no real reason to show potential and cosmo in a separated way, they still work the same, but now potential is shown in the same value as your cosmo; 1 potential being 100 cosmo.

The new character window is finally dragable, and resizeable between two diffrent sizes; it was also redesigned to show only usefull information in a easy reading way; and these neat progression bars can be always seen now, they show how far you are from increasing said status! This makes training feels way better, as you can now resize your character window and leave it in a small size by your screen; and, there are those "?" buttons, they will explain what each status do, and the nutrition in each one of them!
To know about your fighting styles masteries, you can check through that buttom!
And, two closeable buttons to finish the character screens!
(can also be opened/closed with the C keyboard buttom)

Well, the new interface was designed to be more intuive and familiar to players out of byond, with images/buttons easier to read etc.

Hope you guys like it the same way I did! (gosh all the effort put into this must be worth it)

Light Effects

Some small trivial detail to make the game more immersive and look better, some maps receives now an extra lighting effects; actually heracles, atlantis and deep forest are the ones with these.... Silly but cool huh?

Neo Atlantis

Atlantis finally received some love; it was a huge mess before, so it finally received its deserved rework; the lightning effects in atlantis have some neat wave animations and, now, outside of the pilar zone theres a huge open map to be built or simply explore at;

Atlantis also received an extra architecture style, wich looks the fanciest imo!

theres alot of building space and areas to be turned into custom dungeons and castles in this new Atlantis, plus it looks gorgeous, I can't wait to play as a Poseidon follower now!

New Resting State

Trivial, yeah, but, finally I am glad we don't rest standing with "..." on our heads anymore; I know this is too small to deserve a mention in this update log, but, yeah its personal ok?

Book of Seals and Dagger of Sacrifice

Okay this one requires a big explain, before you watch it; This video was recorded during the tests to show the book of seals animations, not how it works, as in real game it doesn't OHKO people;

But first let me explain why these two new relics are so important to the game;
We kind of talked about this problem before, in 1.0.6; with the introduction of poisonable foods, basically, they are in to generate new possible dramas and metas to the game, so its not a game simply about who is strongest wins; its a balancing feature to the roleplay. Theres alot of features in the game that avoid the strongest player to stay the strongest forever; however, these two relics is to guarantee that the game can't be solved completelly through a battle. So being the strongest won't mean you won't be defeated! it just means you are strongest!
And deliver the proper roleplay feelings to everyone, and of course, gives spaces to completelly insane plot twists;
Okay now you can watch it:

Well this was just a test of its animation, let me explain how it will work:

These relics are not dropable nor findable through normal mechanics, it can be fount and discovered through IC/Roleplay developments and judged by an admin, or through events.

When using the book of seal or the dagger of sacrifice you will be given a chance of success of 30%; if you use it from behind, the chance goes to 40% success, and if you use it in battle it goes 55% of success.
If it fails the relic will disappear, and, well, you will probably be killed haha.
Thats why its called "sacrifice" basically you risk yourself to get a chance to defeat someone;
Now what they do:

the dagger of sacrifice OHKOs the enemy, and the book of seals, will seal 80% of the enemy status for 10 IC years;
Yeah radical huh?
You may think that the OHKO isn't big deal, but this bring us to the next change:

Changes in the Death/KO System

Since late game's KO ended up never resulting in death, because the player would get up way before it would be possible to actually kill them, we decided it was time to review the KO system entirelly, well, wansn't a big deal, but now, theres a static health for KO'd person, you still won't be killed by a low level player or npc, but, being KO'd is dangerous and the worse thing is:
Now if you get punched while KO'd you can break bones, actually its a big chance at breaking bones, so, if you get KO'd even if the player is weak, you will get some bad injuries.

This actually brings us to another discussion; Azusa needs more consequences, as a roleplaying game we expect to see our actions to result in consequences to our characters, and for example, even being the strongest now, it can result in consequences like being betrayed or getting in a very dangerous fight and seriously injured enough to be defeated by any weakling...
And these consequences won't come up only in terms of fighting mechanics!

Travel System

One big issue Azusa had toward its roleplaying events was the fact of how the strongest groupie of guardians could basically in matter of seconds be anywhere in the world and doing whatever they wanted in any battle;
Well, this was actually a big problem, as a single strong person could easily protect the whole game. And, ending up with boring wipes and wars.

No more to that! I bring you some consequences to your ic location now! Want to go to the desert to mine? well, go on, but deal with the consequences of it, since it will be a long travel;
What I mean? Well, now to change a exterior map (for example, heracles to deep forest) it requires an IC month delay; to each map change, this in real time is around one hour per map.
So, basically if you are responsible to protect heracles and end up having to travel to asgard, heracles can be attacked and you won't be able to intervene. And will regret the consequences of your "vacations".

Some may hate this, but knowing Azusa and our playerbase as I do, this small change will end up giving some real big positive results as how we can experience the game, wars, strategy and, of course, roleplay wise.

Now, sending guardians to investigate an attack in the other side of the world will be a thing, instead of always do everything yourself.

Battle System

The battle system received a internal remade, What I mean? Well, basically it didn't change externally, but I remade entirelly how it worked, this big change was made to be able to fix most of the bugs known in battles against NPCs, in the previous Azusa battle system it was common to bug a battle with over 4-5 npcs, or 3-4 players.

After the remake I managed to handle a v50 NPCs battle without any lag or problems, tested it in higher number v100 ended up with some npcs odities, with them randomly leaving battle, as soon as I find out what makes them leave the battle it will be an easy fix, but comparing to our previous problems, these ones are trivial.
So yeah, time to enjoy Azusa as it was always supposed to be!
Yeah I am serious, I did a v100...

Its a fast strategy real time battle war game afterall right?

New Relics and Clothes

Another pack with relics and fancy clothes are in!
A blue fire hair that when worn removes the burning effects!
A group of relics used summon a boss (Anhangha, a shapeshifting white deer, that goes toward tiger, bear and deer) based off brazilian mythology.
and more!

New Training Methods

Now with the travel system and the resources spreads around the world, its time to give some extra utility to diffrent biomas right? riiight!
Introducing a new type of active training methods that will depends on the map you are at, we call them "Local trainings" those training methods will raise 3 status as the other active ones, but will increase Cosmo Control aswell; for those who doesn't know, cosmo control affects directly the damage of your elemental skill.

These new methods are the best way to get cosmo control, and its a great status to train as its not affected by caps.
The design behind them, actually comes to promote ranks similar to heremits, to don't become useless after teaching their training methods, if these methods spread, lets say the desert heremit will have more people to roleplay with since they will be using the desert to train aswell..
Spreading the roleplay activity across the globe;
And, of course, creating some big amount of possible development and build as your character explore and adventure in the world of Azusa; now we have
9 active training methods (5 new ones) on earth, and 11 ones in hell; 4 half afk training methods, also the non conventional methods such as punching bags, spar, mob spars, master training, skill mastering results in 28 training methods in the game to be explored.
Comparing to before this new training system where we had only 6, I can assume every player will be quite busy exploring the Azusa's universe as they develop their character story and find diffrent ways to train and improve!

The new training methods are:
Cold Air:
You will try to reduce the temperature of the air using your cosmo, and try to make it lower then the eternal ice rocks at north pole, trying to break it. Cold Air gives Cosmo Control to people with Water or Wind elemental cosmos.
A intense training trying to endure the constant storms and terrible weather of the desert, Sandstorm gives Cosmo Control to people with Fire or Earth elemental cosmos.
The art of manipulating spiritual energy, through deep meditation at places filled with death people with sekishiki cosmos can use their cosmo to attract spiritual energy and, if they get to a very experienced level, use it in battles; commonly used by Cancer Guardians; Sekishiki gives Cosmo Control to people with Fire or Thunder elemental cosmos.
Reverse Waterfall:
By enduring the constant pressure the user of this techniques tries to revert the waterfall by using his cosmo energy; Reverse Waterfall gives Cosmo Control to people with Water or Thunder elemental cosmos.
Mountain Climb:
The user of this techniques tries to climb a mountain by using only two fingers; Mountain Climb gives Cosmo Control to people with Earth or Wind elemental cosmos.

Tolerance to Active Trainings

I recognize how the active training system could become frustrating mainly due to lag and tiredness; even while its was propositally impossible to reach level 10 in the past, the active training indeed needed a review;
after all the buffs and everything these have received lately, this actual change will cease your suffering; (not literaly if youre in underworld)
so don't be afraid anymore, now if you press the wrong key, you won't stop the training and have to start again; if you miss a key you will only lose 25% stamina.

Synchrony Battle

Are you weak and think you will never be able to affect the world? Worry no more! change the world with the power of friendship! I introduce the synchrony battles;
It is a learnable trait you can develop with someone if you train with them using Dual Train (a training method) and reach really high concentration levels; if you develop synchrony with a friend, and you both fight another enemy (or more) both of you will get one extra Action Point per turn;
And, if you are familiar to Azusa you know that extra action points can easily overpower a way stronger enemy!
Or even if youre a weak player with a strong friend, being in synchrony with him you would be aiding him way more then what you could imagine!

Now that the battle systems were fixed toward most bugs in group battle, this incentivate people to get strategic groups in wars battles!
Keep in mind you can develop synchrony with every friends you have, of course it takes some really hard dual training effort to develop it, so good luck!

New Perks and Reviews

As you already noticed, this update rebalances alot of aspects of the game, and Perks wouldn't stay behind; with the help of some players at brainstorm we changed and added some new perks to follow up with this update:
Pure Hearted buff: Now you don't need less then 10% corruption to be able to use this perk, now it can be used with under 50% corruption.
New Perk, Adventurer's Heart: due to your untamable heart, you became a traveling expertise, being able to travel twice as fast then a normal person. (This perks needs only to be used once, and if needed can be re-used to show that you have said perk but only when the user judges necessary)
Medic Remade: The medic perk was completelly changed, now it lets you treat directly people's wounds, and speed up their bone healings; it takes time, and is suggested to be used at someone using medic kit at a bed to get full speed at bone healing.
Necromancy remade: Necromancer can now make a ritual to summon a Reaper, however they are limited to use this only once a month; a necromancer isn't affected by the powers of the Sealing Rosary, so they can be really usefull to the underworld army.

New Armors: Acinonyx (Cheetah/fire), Phobia (Reaper/earth) and Dead Sea Marine

Thanks to Sandreve, Zeronimo, Twilight12 who helped the crowdfund Phobia and
Evil_masterpain for funding Acinonyx these armors are finally ready!

Lets start with Acinonyx; based of cheetah it is the fastest leaper, also its direct impact damage is based off speed; however its not as good at dealing massive damage as leapers like Accipitridae (eagle), but it have more control, if the Acinonyx persecute skill hit someone it will push the person one tile and surround it with blue fire.

Acinonyx also automatically turn back at the end of this leap, and being the real secret of this armor; this detail makes Acinonyx the best armor for Sync. Battles.

The next one Phobia creates a new cathegory of armors, and its really hard to measure how cool it is! This armor's skill can increase its minimal damage; making it great at late game against stronger oponents;
Let me explain more: if the Petrificate skill deals a final damage to a player, it will transform this player in a stone statue, and increase its minimal damage by +5 to each statue you have; when the player is transformed into statue, he is half-dead; his conscience is still alive and stuck in the dream worlds; however if this conscience dies there, the player will die.
But, keep in mind the player transformed into statue will be able to rest in dream world, and, train there normally; If someone punches the statue, it will break and its player will be "revived", his body will be knocked out tho; (if the player isn't online, he will wake up at his real world initial position when he logs back in)

However! Phobia has a downside, his skill is almost as hard to hit as Fire Storm; so use it wisely!

Next one is the Dead Sea Marine, with the white gems of the dead seas, this golden armor of Poseidon's army have a really lethal and bizarre meta; its also in the same cathegory of Phobia, (techniques that can seal people in dream world) and is a little beat weaker damage wise (but when the golden armor power is applied it gets higher damage) buut, diffrent then phobia, Dead Sea's Salt Lightning are easier to hit, as its cast in a foward thunder beam; if the enemy is knocked out by the technique, he will be transformed into a salt statue!

Prince of Hate armor also got its skill (finally), Circle of Hate now surrounds an area, and people who aren't reapers can't walk out of the circle, everytime they try to walk out of the circle they are thrown back to the middle and receives 5 damage;
This gives Prince of Hate a Great leadership role toward the other reapers, as he can give a great boost to almost every reaper by keeping the oponents in a specific area;

Buffs, Debuffs

We all know how Zodiac Cancer skills damages were broken, but the pain happened at late game, the skill completelly ruined the game's fun; so I changed how every big blast training skills works, and of course, nerfed them alot;
Now you can't train them past certain level, with these training caps, the skills won't reach insane nor unfair damages;

(maybe this scene is here out of context? yeah, its cool)

Swordfish and Mantis, always been left behind in Azusa universe huh? NO MORE! sword using armors now have a chance to cause the bleed effect; its similar to scorpion's poison chain, but these armors have the status boost given by the sword aswell, the bleed rate is a bit lower then scorpion's poison rate tho

Since basically every other elemental skill got its boost through the year, it was time for Aurora thunder to receive some love, same as Penguin Armor;
now Aurora Thunder is the technique with highest chance to give status effect in the enemy; starting out with 45% chance, reduces to 30% if the enemy is fire user, however, if you are using Penguin Frozen Aura technique together with Aurora thunder, the freezing chance goes up to 90% (or 80%)!

Can't say those underrated armors are weak now huh? Can't wait to see some swordfish, mantis and penguins taking over the world!

Aurora Thunder won't be the only elemental skill getting its buff; Fire Storm now gets the proper love, it was always meant to be the highest damaging skill and hardest to hit; but, actually this was a little broken, this skill was so hard to hit that it wasn't worth trying it at all; So, I increased the amount of fire fields created by the lightnings, if your skill don't hit your enemy, atleast you will get some field control now!

Health status gains was also reduced since late games battle used to be insanely long for players over level 40;

Now with all of these reviews and rebalances, time to see how they would affect a real late game huh? only time can tell what will be the next buffs/debuffs;
So keep up with the next update logs!


Lemuria, And other maps made at runtime!

I have made Lemuria as the first preset map made at runtime; some admins helped me with that during the tests, but basically these custom maps are possible since the update of 1.0.5; and, the entrace to lemuria isn't defined, it can be anywhere depending on the roleplays! And of course, new maps and zones can be made by the admin team of the server as the world is explored!

New Admining System

Okay this one is big, and important part of this update; I think the biggest problem Azusa have, as a roleplaying game is Admining problems, its either players trolling the rules or, abusive admins playing hittlers; And, resulting in the worst experiences you can have in a game of the genre; It has always been a problem for me to struggle, and, the solution fount was: Remake the way it works!
Okay so there are some big changes on the admining rules, and player rules aswell to make the relationship of admin-player the best as possible, one are there to help eachother to deliver everyone the fun they deserve!
No more fights over ooc with players breaking rules and admins argueing to them trying to convince them that was a rule breaking in eternal redundant talks; no more players trolling while breaking rules wouldnt be a big deal since no one is properly punished; no more admins acting super favoritists toward groups of players while punishing others, and no more admins getting unfair advantages when roleplaying.

Reasons explained, lets talk about the changes:
First big one is: Admin real character MUST REMAIN A SECRET to everyone including admins, talking about who you think that may be a admin character in any channel or midia, or the admin themselves revealing to anyone can result demotion/ban warnings;
Only the head admin and the game owner will know wich admin is who.
(Why? this sound useless) <- its not, this rule is to ensure that admin character will be threated by the other admins as a normal player and if they break any rule, their character will be punished as every normal player;
Also, anyone around you can be an admin in disguise, and if you are breaking a rule that person can report you or give a ban warning themselves;

That change not only make the admins punish eachother when they deserve it, also lets people report eachother more, making it easier to punish rule breakers (who don't want to see an abusive admin getting banned? I do.)

Ban Warnings and new Ban System:
Okay, tired of being harrassed and banned for no reason? just out of admin getting personal hate toward you and you banned? say no more to that.
I will explain, Admins and Enforcers now can give ban warnings, theres no direct ban verb.
When an admin sees someone breaking a rule, (any rule breaking) the admin can give the person a ban warning; However the game will ask wich rule (and its number) the said player violated; along with a text explaining the reason or the rule itself, that ban warning will be shown to everyone online; and the player will receive an alert plus, be forced to re-open the rules window.
Yeah read the rules; okay what these ban warning do? alone a ban warning do nothing. If you received an unfair warning, its okay, no big deal, its just a warning, go back to following the rules and it will be a big nothing; however if you break other rules again, and receive other 2 ban warnings, you will be banned.
Its automatic, not something you can argue with admins, as they probably don't control when someone is getting banned or what, who control that is you, follow the rules and you will be fine; However... every ban warning you receveid will be saved in a place higher admins can read, if for some reason you get alot of ban warning for no rule breaking you can ask for a higher admin to check, and they can unban you;
like reason "a", rule breaking "a" isn't a legit ban warning and the ban will be removed;
Okay, you got banned, now what? If its your first ban, again, no worries, no need to argue or fight over stuffs just, wellp, follow the rules next time; your first ban isnt even a big deal its only 2 days ban, and when youre back your ban warnings will be gone; So yeah, no need to freak if youre a real decent player wanting to play the game by the rules;
However if youre not, and if you get banned again (after 3 more ban warnings) the ban time increases 3x; so second ban is 6 days, third ban is 18 days, fourth ban 54... and so on

Admins are recomended now to don't be as tolerant with rule breakings as they used to be, as the game mechanic itself will decide if the player deserves a ban or not; Well, don't worry, this doesn't mean every accidental IC in OOC will result in a ban warning (while it could) admins in these situations can judge if the person deserve the ban warning or not; (actually they deserve, the rule was broken, read the rules, they are there to be followed).

So if you get to break a rule, keep in mind you can get the ban warning by it, so beware, and if you ever see someone breaking a rule, print screenshot and send to any admin you know at discord.
Lets fix Azusa, with this simpler and more organized way to deal with the rules and adminings;

The player rules in servers will be also reviewed, and the basic roleplaying rules will have a better explanation in it, rules will be easier to find and to read to avoid any trouble toward that; and if you didn't read it normally you will after a ban warning.

Time Travels

Someone said that in Azusa you couldn't actually change alot of the world, and everything was always the same, I dare them to repeat it after this new feature! sounds too complicated? Calm down, its not, (I mean, it is a little...) But, the amount of possibilities this system will bring to the game roleplay-wise is, literally infinite;

I know that most of you don't know alot about Azusa lore, so I will have to talk a little about it before we start, (afterall, I am introducing time travel, so the past is important to the subject)
Everyone in Azusa universe believes Zeus created everything, actually even Hades think it is, because he saw most of the things being indeed created; (As he was the first seraphin (right hand of Zeus) while earth and everything as we know was created.)
However, the story of creation starts far before Zeus' birth;
When the universe was created, it started by the abstract concept of Space, Time, Knowledge and Destruction; and as counterpart of these things the first four physics things appeared. three objects and a living being; this being was known as Chronos;
Chronos the first living being, was the counterpart of Destruction;
A golden sword, was the counterpart of Knowledge;
A golden Lamp, was the counterpart of Space;
And, a mirror was the counterpart of Time;
These three objects when held by someone gives the person unlimited amount of power, as holder of the knowedge, space and time, the person is known with the tittle of "Almighty";
Chronos, as the first almighty created a flying land and was constantly hungry for more and more power; so he used his almighty powers to create spiritual creatures made of pure energy, watched these creatures grow to then, absorb them;
Doing this for an unlimited amount of time Chronos grew in power enough to don't need the three other relics of creation, he was the literal end for the creatures he created, known as Angels;

Zeus was born in that era, he was born as a wingless angel, without power and never grew strong enough to be worth for Chronos to absorb him, and this gave Zeus enough time to learn about the relics of creation and, find the knowledge; Zeus then created the tree of life and the undeworld (the death as we know) to use as a backup plan if he was defeated by chronos he would have a way to come back; Zeus never needed to use the backup plan as using the relic of knowledge (nowdays known as zeus thunder) he fount the other three; managing to seal chronos outside of the space-time; Then, Zeus used his brand new almighty powers to recreate the olympo, and later earth and every creatures as we know.

Okay, with that explained, we can move on; to travel in time, the relic is needed, however the mirror is currently broken; and that means its not possible to know where the time travel will take you;

So, to make this work, the system is pretty simple:
the admins will decide a era in Azusa's lore, and use that as "featuring past". they will edit the past map as it needs, place houses as it should be back in time, make the event characters etc. And, if needed admdins can even create spawn points in the past so players can create and play and be part of the past timeline;
the past have diffrent common knowledges to be read, and a separated event zone.
When the "featuring past" event finishes, everyone from the past will receive a NG and, -if- a key event of that era changes, the admins will THEN apply the change to the present timeline; if the changes are way too big; admins will set a timeskip and everyone is forced to NG, as admin set the new world as the changes were made.

Relax, time travel is insanely hard to happen, and its equaly hard to change infact a key event; but the deal is, its possible. However, normally, if someone goes to the past to for example, to try stop Hades from rebeling; the highest chance on things to happen is: he becomes the reason of Hades rebelion; I mean its hard to tell, but I think you got what I mean;
everything will depend on what actually happens in the timeline, but admins playing the event characters will know the importance of doing the key events (aka, for a hades to rebel).

So, if you go back to the past and, wellp, end up being the reason for hades to rebel while you was trying to make him not rebel, and come back to the present, don't you think it was foolish/useless; as it opens up a wide amount of roleplays possible for you and everyone in the present aswell, lets say if the current Hades Vessel manage to remember you; it can result in some epic crazy shit!

Well, that was just the basics, the possibilities with time travel goes far beyond that, but basically thats how it works:
if someone is near from actually obtaining the time relic, the admins will start setting the featuring past; and a group of admin will play as the event characters of that era, players can create chars in the featuring past aswell and play as normal ppl of the past.

But, you might be wondering, what if someone in the past dies? If you die, in the past, you can continue playing in the underworld, it will be just as "You been in this underworld prison for 5000years" as the souls are icly there suffering for the eternity, and, well, come back as a reaper now in the present!

Alot of roleplaying and events can be made; however the featuring past has its limitations; Only Heracles and Olympo have time travels (as every lore events happened there); but admins can build there normally and even set extensions and custom dungeons; also admins can "lend" other maps to the past, for example, if an admin wants to make an event in the temple in the past; they can icly say in the present the temple is being repaired; and, send the temple door to the past map and use the interior in that timeline instead;

Or just build a smaller copy of the temple etc. Wellp, admins have alot of controls in the featuring past mainly when deciding how the featured past will change the present once the events are finished; As they act as some kind of masters for table top roleplaying.

*When you use the time relic to travel to the past, you won't be holding it in the past, so you will have to find a way back. (aka the time relic in this timeline is probably with Zeus himself)

*When time traveling keep in mind everything wont happen as you expect them to happen (its part of roleplaying at all), but I guarantee they will have consequences!

*Featuring Pasts starts when someone is near of being able to time travel and ends when the team of admins decides, and when it ends everyone in past gets a NG.

Changes at Subscriber system

Since the steam validation kinds of use byond subscription system, I will have to transfer the subscriptions to a personal data, and deal with the timed subscriptions myself; however, credits will continue the same but, it will be possible to buy 1 month subscription using one credit;
(Don't worry, untill steam release you can still buy subscription normally)

Beta Roleplaying Server before Steam

Finally, after all this, the big question is: When will I be able to play Inu?!
the answer is: depends on you.
There will be released a semi-closed testing server to test the roleplayability of the game, and fix every remaining bug, produce videos etc. untill we prepare to the steam official release;
This server will be only in english, and will start next week
However, its not open to general public, only for patreons, subscriber, credits owner and crowdfunders;
This server/wipe will have a fast based storyline, as we will explore the most the game can offer while testing early game, mid game and late game, for that to happen this test period will least around 1-2 months; if you get to play it, trust me you will experience alot of what this new Azusa have to offer!

The main reasons this server won't be open to general public is: almost every features we will have in the steam releases will be in this server, theres no point to sell a game that was released few weeks before for free/public right? For those interested in steam prices, so far it didn't change, we are still aiming 5$.


*Everything changed, watch the videos/screenshot;
*Alot of re-balancing features and changes;
*Alot of bug fixes, so many that I am not even going to list them;
*Time Travel;
*Admin system;

Thanks for reading! whoo! that was alot of typing, going to apologize again for my terrible english; I will try to review this topic in the next days;
And, if you are not subscriber, have a credit, or crowdfunded an armor, nor patreon, and is interested in playing the game
you can buy it here:

Follow our facebook page to keep up with lotteries and other news:
Also follow our twitter:
And to keep up with everything related to the game, join our discord channel:

Whats next?
I am going to remake the website in the next months, finish recording more videos and increase my collection of materials to make some decent trailer and advertising materials; save money to some advertising campaigns and, well, hope it works!
I will pay close attemptions to small bugs and fix everything before the release, so if you find anything use our discord to report bugs!
Thanks everyone for supporting Azusa, and, See you again soon!
Nice update :)
Amazing! Thank the gods for the new interface. Looks more reliable.
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