Two weeks ago I defied the Friday release curse, and got smacked for it by fate. Last week I tempted the curse again, but only reluctantly, as a new fix needed to get out--and once again I was smacked by fate. Today I tempt the curse a third time, but hopefully the third time is the charm.

Development was a bit different this week, because my office was a casualty of the massive heat wave that began Saturday, and also the aforementioned curse fallout meant I had to get some stuff done over the weekend. I worked at night to stay out of the heat, except on Tuesday which was surprisingly way more livable than I expected (all the more surprising because it was a Tuesday), and of course Wednesday was the 4th.

I did not see fireworks. I had the option, but the prospect of sitting in muggy 90 heat for hours and then dealing with aftermath traffic proved too daunting. Well there were some fireworks on TV, but those don't count.

So anyway, development: Lots of fixes to client-side stuff went in this week, plus I think the var def optimization has finally thrown its last curve ball (gads I hope so anyway), so things can finally settle down!

One thing high on my list that I'll probably do very soon is change step_x/y/size to floating point values, at least on the server side. Compiled code may still have to use integers, at least until 513, but I'd like to make it possible to change those at runtime to fractional values at least. As far as the client is concerned I'm leaving those 2-byte unsigned integers, but on the server it should be plenty feasible to support the excess, with some allowance made for rounding errors. However I haven't dipped into that project yet. Next week is a likely target if the curse has finally released me.

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Didn't see anything spectacular but I snagged a few photos myself.