Pokémon Online World

by Naokohiro
Pokémon Online World
Pokémon how it was meant to be.

No More Lag

I've just updated the server the game is hosted on to one with higher bandwidth and more raw power and memory! It seems to be totally lag-free.

Come and check it out!

I will continue to pay attention to server load and adjust the server's specifications to match increasing demands.

Discord Server

With help from an amazing guy, the Pokémon Online World Discord server is now live!

Click here for an instant invite!

I'm probably going to use this Discord server as my main place to post updates and will be actively monitoring the text channels there.

There's also a voice chat if you're into that.

Halloween Event in July

I've made the Halloween event run for the entire month of July 2018 to celebrate the return of the game.

Also, I will be actively updating and making changes to the Halloween event. So far, I've changed the encounter table in Hallow Mode to include a large list of Pokémon of differing rarity, which show up more often fully-evolved at higher Spookiness Levels.

Expect more updates to come.

P.S. With a recent update, the stats window now shows IVs, EVs, and friendship values.