Pokémon Online World

by Naokohiro
Pokémon Online World
Pokémon how it was meant to be.

Legacy Accounts

I've decided to try and make up for the data that was lost and give appreciation to fans of the game. Any account created before July 2018 (including ones created in 2013) are going to become Legacy accounts.

Legacy accounts will get special bonuses (subject to change):
  • 1 Mystery Egg (Contains a random Mythical Pokémon with increased shiny chance)
  • 1 Master Ball
  • 100 of every other type of Poké Ball
  • 10 Legendary Candies (Level up a Pokemon to any level of your choosing)
  • 100 Legendary Wings (Set a Pokemon's IVs/EVs to any values)
  • 40 PP Maxes
  • 100 Ability Capsules (will also unlock hidden ability)
  • 100 Secret Potions (set a Pokemon's nature)
  • 10 of each evolution item
  • Shiny Charm
  • Slowpoke Tail (Makes regular marts have an extended stock of items)
  • Oval Charm (Permanent 10% catch rate bonus)
  • Oak's Letter (unlocks a special Trainer class of your choosing)
  • 100 Poké Flutes (summons the roaming legendary)
  • 10 Squirt Bottles (Allows you to permanently change the encounter table on one tile of the map to any non-mythical/non-legendary.)
  • Special glowing icon visual effect applied to trainer icon
  • A special tag on the trainer card labeling it as legacy
  • Higher starting level on upcoming player level feature
  • More that is yet to be determined!

In addition everyone will be receiving the following (through story quests):
  • Exp. Share
  • Explorer Kit (Gives random bonus items and money from every battle - including items from the above list)
  • XTransciever (Allows you to access your box and a basic mart from anywhere.)
  • Max Repel (Key item - toggles wild battles on or off)
  • Honey (Key item - enter a wild battle instantly, attached to hotkey)

Please give me time to implement these features.

Engine Rework

As I poured over my code, and looked at what needed updating and replacing, the list of what needed to be done grew and grew.
That's when I realized I'm better off just remaking the entire engine from scratch and doing it better this time.
So, I will be keeping all savefiles (don't be alarmed!), but rewriting the entire engine from scratch.
The newly made game will include:
  • A single, simplified window with a HUD
  • Controls consisting mainly of WASD and mouse input
  • Webclient support
  • A brand-new adventure and map with an actually interesting story
  • Updated visual effects
  • Likely: Integrated forums that can be accessed via web browser
  • Possible: Fully working battle mechanics from the start
  • Possible: 3D pre-rendered graphics

As of right now, the new engine is very far off into the future, but most of my time will be put into making it.
Hope to see you when it's ready for the public!
Looking forward to the end result. :)