After a disagreement with "daniel woods" about the timeframe it took to respond to me after I'd paid he forced me to redo the process and blocked my account and has been holding onto my money.

Ive sent several messages asking for a refund but he closes those tickets as if i cant go right back using the ticket url.

I would like my 15 dollars.
I have the screenshots proving it too as well as my paypal transaction. Im done with byondpanel all i want now is the money this daniel woods stole.
Byondpanel is not affiliated with Byond. Your best bet, if services were not rendered, is to do a chargeback via PayPal.

Daniel is a pretty reasonable guy. My advice would be to take a deep breath, contact him via email and be civil.
Im trying my best but he's dosabled two of my accounts. banned one of my ips and all i want is my money back. It was paid for by the people who want to play the game and the staff.

Do you think you can help me by contacting him. He closes all of my contact emails
Atm i can't call him reasonable until he gives my money back. Perhaps you would be able to get through to him qhich i would be in your debt for because as of now he has stolen my money.

I'm gonna be honest, it sounds like you aren't telling the full story.

We've had complaints from BYONDpanel users crop up over the years from time to time. ATHK occasionally pops in and explains himself in public in cases like this. Almost every time we've seen a complaint like this, it was someone who expected their server to be set up within the hour and then sent him a bunch of threats, then came into the forums trying to get people in their corner without telling the full story of what happened.

I've never seen him keep someone's money except in the case where someone received the service that they were offered and then changed their mind after the setup was done.

But I notice in particular, you didn't mention how long the timeframe it took to respond to you in the OP. You also didn't mention the nature of the disagreement. You also didn't post the screenshots of the tickets where the disagreement occurred. You also seem to post in really short bursts seconds apart, which shows an impulsiveness and a lack of patience when interacting with others and lack of care and thought with what you say.

Two or all of these are shady. The fact that you didn't post the details, if they were extraordinary is basically IMO a really good sign that you are leaving out the parts that might make you look like the bad guy here. --Given what else you've said, it looks like you'd jump at the chance to post these details if they actually furthered your claim.

Again, my best advice is to contact Daniel and let him know that he has 7 business days to refund you for services not rendered before you initiate a chargeback/paypal claim, and not do whatever it is you did to make him block you in the first place. Probably also apologizing for whatever you did in the first place to get blocked by him is also warranted, given the information you are omitting in this post.

In general, it's good to remember that paying someone $15 for a service doesn't mean you get to kick down their door, wake them up in the middle of the night, and force them to do what you paid for the instant you need it. The customer isn't always right, and sometimes, being a dick only makes things worse.
Listen 90 percent of what you just said was yoy trying to justify him not goving the money back which theres no justification for. If theres a problem then he can give my money back and we'll cease to do business. Theres literally nothing that warrants stealing money so please dont take it there. Younseem very shady trying to cover for someone who outright stole.

A bunch of threats? no physical threats were made and theres nothing that can excuse him stealing the money in any other case. I want my money. None of what you said negates that obligation.
Which of us is being the dick? the one who paid and didnt get service or the guy repeatedly closing the requests to ve refunded and banning the accounts. The setup was never even initiated. So yeah.. hes a dick and i take offense to you doing mental gymnastics to blame me.
Listen 90 percent of what you just said was yoy trying to justify him not goving the money back which theres no justification for.

No it wasn't. I was pointing out that you are approaching this the wrong way, unprofessionally, and very likely haven't even given him enough time to adequately respond to your request for a refund for services not rendered.

So I'm going to straight up ask: When did you send him the money? When did you first request a refund?

If the answer to either of these is less than 7 business days ago, you are completely in the wrong and shouldn't even being posting staying that someone stole anything from you.

You sent money in exchange for a service, then got antsy and canceled it. You have to give people a reasonable time period to get that money back to you before you go trying to bully them on the internet and making accusations.

Again, unless the services were provided prior to you canceling them, he has no right to keep the money. If he did set up the server prior to you demanding the refund, he has every right to keep the money, because you paid a month in advance. That's how service agreements work.
He never did the setup. He told me 24 hours and when the 24 hours were done he banned me. I NEVER got notification tge server was done nor that he was banning me. Again all i want is my money back.. bot to fight with him or his buddies hiding in his corner and talking out their ass to defend his.
When did you send him the money? When did you first request a refund?

(The fact that you aren't answering, despite having been asked three times is deeply telling which kind of issue this is)

buddies hiding in his corner and talking out their ass to defend his.

ATHK doesn't like me at all, BTW. He thinks I'm a rude dick.
I sent him the money two days ago. I never saw the server completed. I never got notification that it was setup. I came back in 24 hours from the message he sent asking me if i wanted free extras. If he banned my accounts he couldve given me a refund that instant. Didnt take 7 days to disable me so it doesnt take 7 days to refund it (without even setting the server up)
I apologize then bc im a bitbupset i didnt mean to disrespect you
I sent him the money two days ago.

Okay, this is exactly what I thought.

You cannot actually argue that services have not been fulfilled in order to do a paypal dispute or chargeback until 7 days from the time of the order has been initiated.

Further, the vendor is allowed 7 business days to return your money to you. 2 days is barely enough time for your average payment to clear in the first place when talking about banking, so just give it a few days, and maybe think about having some patience.

BYONDpanel is a single guy who works a full time job when not fulfilling his own tickets... And you sent the payment on a sunday. Srsly. He hasn't stolen anything from you yet. You have to wait it out and calm down.

See here for more details on what you need to do if he elects to not refund you: customer-disputes-claims-chargebacks-bank-reversals

Open a dispute. That will force him to contact you through paypal's dispute process.

Trust me, you are gonna get this resolved a lot better if you are a little less evasive and a lot more open to the idea that maybe you jumped the gun a bit. He still shouldn't be able to keep your money after banning you from the service, but you need to give him the time he is allowed before you start going aggro. Otherwise you are very unlikely to get a resolution in your favor.
I don't think ATHK and BYONDPanel are truly good and honest. I saw some problems with it. That's just what I think. I think Xirre's server(if it's still around) is better, more honest and also has the benefits of being set up immediately.
Xirre's server? I'll go with that one the moment i get the money (regained or refunded) because my community is quite upset with this setback in development.

Tbh i think this dan woods guy proved himself to be scum and just as fast as he can manually block and delete accounts he should be able to refund the money.
Oh here we go,I haven't even read the post and I know EXACTLY who this is.. mind you, I don't get these often if at all..

You opened several tickets in the span of an hour or so.. you paid on a weekend and had a 3 hour wait until I responded to you. You then proceeded to rant on about not being notified.. you were notified.. the service was in a pending state, did you not receive any emails? I can see they were sent.

You're completely impatient, unreasonable, immature and not someone I want to do business with.

You sent payment, I refunded you, you sent another one and not long after you did a chargeback... It's in PayPals hands now... what more do you want from me?

You're upset you didn't get your service, ok I get that.. however, if you're going to talk down to someone who told you something you don't like, expect either the same in return or to not receive what you paid for and be blocked from the service you're trying to get said product from.

I'm sorry to bash you with mean words, but this is the type of entitled person you come across as. I'm not your slave. Essentially were supposed to be partners, you pay me, I provide you with a top notch service. Seems you thought it'll work differently.

So with all that said, I "banned" you, I just suspended your account so you'd stop making new orders and spamming me that way. I also feel like I've protected myself and current/future customers from a future chargeback situation. As I said, you come across as entitled so me not answering any of your tickets within a 2 second timeframe you'd probably chargeback anyway..

I'm so glad you took your threat of
"Since you refuse to activate the service i paid for i demand you refund my shit back immediately or there will be problems and ill let everyone know what a scam your website is."

On that note, you keep disregarding the fact I pointed out your 3 hour wait, like it didn't happen at all and took "half the day"



Apologies for formatting and or typos, I'm on mobile. I'd love to take screenshots of all this, due to privacy I won't be taking that route, unless OP agrees.
In response to BossLvl
Agree to show the logs or else I'll tell everyone how poor of a customer u r
I have a screenshot taken today of my own attempt at canceling byond panel services.. You quit responding to me and I was never disrespectful... I gave up on my refund.. You are a scammer tho if cancelation inconveniences you at all.
I in fact didnt read a thing of what you said. You never sent me notification that you denied me service the first time.

The second time wouldve been the last but you never refunded it.

As for kozuma talking about a poor customer which i find pathetic..i think the concern is poor service providers.
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